I’m Not A Bad Mom Because I Take Medication

OK, its confession time. I take antidepressants. I took them when I was pregnant with Ronin. I took them when I pumped breastmilk for him for 13 months. I took them when I was pregnant with Ellie. And I’m still taking them while I continue to breastfeed her at 14+ months. I believe this DOES NOT make me a bad mom....more
The judgement we cast upon ourselves is the harshest anyone else could possibly send our way ...more

Today anxiety will not win

Today I’ve been up since 5am with little S who I tried to pawn off on her father so I could sleep just a little longer, but my heart couldn’t hear the screaming and sadness, which I fear is another ear infection. This week I’ve been fearing more. Perhaps it’s the end of school and knowledge that soon there won’t be a to do list that MUST get done. I have a tendency to stress about things I can’t control when there is nothing to really stress about. I’ve been fearing my sore throat and itchy ears. Sophie’s cough and out of sort ways, which are perhaps not out of sorts at all....more

Baring my PPD Soul

Like many mothers, I look back on the infant stage with foggy recollection. This is not all due to sleep deprivation though. I feel like my experience as a new mother was also clouded with postpartum depression and anxiety. I have judged myself before for how I felt during that time, and there has been shame. After being able to read so many other blogs that have been beautifully honest about this issue, I feel comfortable in owning my experience as my own. Still, there are times when I see new moms, and they look so relaxed, so comfortable, so peaceful. I marvel at this....more

Battling PTSD witih EMDR and Scent Therapy

Here I am again in Dr. White, my Therapist’s home office. It’s a cozy spot full of eclectic pieces from his travels around the world. The carpet has a beautiful Indian print; the house must be at least 100 year old with lovely sweeping balconies which I can see from where I sit....more

I'm currently doing EMDR therapy too, for PTSD from childhood trauma. I'm also 2 1/2 years ...more

Exposing Yourself with Words

More than that: exposing truth (my truth, which is not to be confused with something as trite and easily manipulated as fact) is the only way to breathe life and hope into me; into the dark places created by a lifetime of shame, regret, anxiety, and depression. I started with a belief that truth is a larger virtue than privacy; that secrets are more dangerous than vulnerability. ...more

Addiction: Another Place Where Women Aren’t Equal

The percentage of women who suffer from anxiety, depression and suicide is much higher in women suffering with addiction as opposed to men. In a world where women are hardly equal to men in many regards, it is not surprising that women have a higher chance of suffering from some serious conditions due to their addiction. This fact raises an important question:...more

Motherly Advice

Faith is taking the first step even when you can't see the whole staircase. ~Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr....more

Social Anxiety Club

Are you like me, someone who dreads cocktail parties and barbeques, and who never knows what to say in social gatherings? My blog, Social Anxiety Club, follows the misadventures of a woman (myself, actually, very thinly disguised) who is trying to break out of her own struggles with sociability by forming a club. Entertaining results follow... http://socialanxietyclub.net/ Let me know what you think! I'd love to hear your comments! Jaena  ...more