How I Tackle Anxiety

I must make it abundantly clear here that I am in no way a qualified therapist/counsellor, merely someone who has suffered from (at times) severe anxiety which for me is in the form of Generalised Anxiety Disorder, accompanied (unfortunately) by OCD....more


I used to be a worrier.  But as the uncertainties in my life have increased, the amount of worry has decreased.   I wish I could tell you that's because because I’ve learned to accept everything in my life - but I haven't....more

Anxiety and Depression Talk, and I Hear...

"You're literally the worst mother ever."...more

Battle of Depression vs. Anxiety

It is known that a person can have, and tend to have more than one mental health disorders together. The chance of having depression and anxiety disorder together can be high as 30 to 80%. As the previously linked article writes, having both means higher chance of having more, sever, and/or longer duration of problems.   ...more

What Does "Being Alive" Mean to Someone with Depression?

When you mention you’re depressed, sometimes people like to say:  Well, the good thing is: you woke up this morning. It's a blessing to be alive!...more

why God let me suffer

My sophomore year in high school was probably the toughest year concerning my mental illnesses. I wasn't too uncomfortable around my peers in middle school but that seemed to shift once I entered high school. I was much more insecure in my new environment. I could barely listen during lectures because my pessimistic thoughts were ringing through my head and the anxiousness that accompanied them just made things worse. I was convinced that everyone saw my every flaw; they were picking me apart just as I was. You know the saying you are your own worst enemy?...more

Conquering Anxiety - Ten Strategies to Teach Your Kids

Did you know that anxiety is contagious? Well, not in the germy way like a bad head cold. It's contagious in the teaching/learning way. Your children learn it and you can guess who they are most likely to learn it from. Yes, they learn it from their best teachers, their parents. "But our whole family has it", you say....more

Keeping Up With Nicole

Tracy's back!My sister is safely back at school for her last semester of undergraduate! She's shaken, but not broken. She's working on getting her life slowly back to where it was.She and my dad flew in two weeks ago. My sister only has class two days out of the week, but she only had one day of classes that week. She and dad spent most of the week at my house doing homework and hanging out. Unfortunately, I have no time off of work and was not able to take off at all to spend extra time with them....more

I Get Panic Attacks

There’s an entire to-do list brainstorm session before I even open my eyes — and suddenly I think, “Do I feel nauseous?” I’m feeling something rising up through my core - and it’s making me feel uncomfortable, but am I actually nauseous? Were you meaning to kick my ass so soon into the year? I’ve got 355 stories left to write and here you are, waking me up, ten minutes before the alarm goes off, to send these thoughts through my head.  ...more

An Inside Look Into An Anxiety Attack

Has anyone ever bullied you? Have you have got into a fight before? Has anyone ever hurt your feelings? Sure you have. It really sucks and it hurts a lot. But, how we deal with it is where you and I become different....more