How to Talk to Your Doctor About Depression

If you are here, you might be thinking you have depression or maybe you know you have depression and you don't know how to bring it up to your doctor. Maybe you've talked to your family and you have decided it is time to talk to your doctor, but you don't really know where to start. I'll tell you about my experience and give you a few tips on how to talk to your doctor about depression. ...more

Doggie days and crazy cat ladies

We are not a dog family. My husband and I are not particularly fond of dogs, so our son is not very fond of them either. ...more

8 Ways to Ease Anxiety

Anxiety is something that many of us struggle with, some openly and some more privately. I’m lucky that my anxiety has typically been fairly minor, but that’s not the case with everyone. One of the many things blogging has done for me is to teach me that I’m not even close to alone in my struggle with anxiety....more

Things That Work – Sometimes

Right now I am in the middle of a fairly deep depression. It has gone on for days, which is unusual now that I am more or less stabilized on medication. But there is no let-up in sight....more

My Favorite Word

Today, I got to hear my favorite word. There is (thankfully) rarely an occasion to use it, so I don't hear it much, but when I do, it is sweet, sweet music to my ears. The word isn't love.It isn't money.It isn't chocolate.It isn't cake.It isn't surprise.It isn't winner.It isn't clothes. Or cars.It isn't anything you can give me. Or buy me. The word I heard today was simply "benign." ...more

He Tells Me We Need To Talk

On August 6, 2015 ...more

8 Ways to Calm Anxiety (and Keep the Anxiety Monster Away)

Anxiety can be brutal. From now on, I'm going to refer to anxiety as "the anxiety monster" because when I'm having a high-anxiety day, it feels like I'm being tormented by that pesky monster that hides in the closet when you're a kid. (Weird analogy? Perhaps. But we're going to roll with it.) I've discussed my own battle on my blog, and I'm planning on writing a follow up post to that in the coming days, but for now I wanted to focus on different methods I use to help calm my ever-present anxiety and keep the anxiety monster at bay. ...more
Love the content, keep up the good work! Where do you find your motivation to write?more

Depression knocks again

I really don't know what makes it happen.  It just hit last week.Crippling anxiety.  Tears.  Depression.  Rolling on and on and on.I feel lost.  I feel afloat.  I feel as if I can't put my feet down.I'm depressed.I've had a rough two years -- loss of my dad and loss of my marriage.But?  I lived.  I made it through.Things are back on track.  Work is hard.  Single mothering is hard.  Balance is is hard.  I'm not the only one with stress....more
manifatso It IS an achievement.....more

The Psychological Burdens of Chronic Illness

It’s about to get really personal up in here.I’m sure you recall me mentioning that I wanted to go back and see a psychologist again. (The first time was when I was having some trouble after sophomore year in college – completely separate issues.) Handling a chronic illness gets very stressful for me sometimes. I look around and often see all of the things that I can’t do and it’s hard to appreciate the rest of my good health. I compare myself to others and get disappointed that I cannot keep up with them....more