What Are Anxiety Disorders? Know All The Facts (INFOGRAPHIC)

In the world we live in, many people experience anxiety at some point in their lives. Most people have to perform in different areas of their lives, so the pressure is so great that they crack under it....more

What It Feels Like When You're Having an Anxiety Attack

I suffer from anxiety along with my depression. It's a tricky thing to manage. A lot of people don't really understand what it's like to have an anxiety attack so I thought I would share what happens to me whenever one comes up. ...more
Moms Crazy Clubhouse With my girls, I always have them focus on my face and take deep breaths. ...more

How Do You Learn to Trust Yourself?

How do you establish trust with someone you’ve betrayed too many times? And what if the person you’ve betrayed is yourself?Trusting themselves seems so easy for men, but I’m not certain the same holds true for women. Personally, I second guess myself all the time and I have plenty of friends who do the same. The problem is that for most of my life, I had lied to myself, so much so that I didn’t even realize I was lying anymore....more

Not-so-epic fail

Remember how I kept going back and forth about whether to start my new life or not? Well, I didn't. There were events coming up, dinners and parties that I needed to be able to eat for. Last night I went out to a friend's house with a bunch of other ladies that are part of my book club. I was so looking forward to it. I got a babysitter for my 2 kids because my husband is out of town, and getting a sitter is something I almost never do. But I didn't want to miss this and I felt like it would be so fun. ...more

Micromanaging a Microsurgery

The countdown has begun. My prophylactic mastectomy and reconstructive surgery is coming up awfully soon.My mind is going a little nuts with anticipation, anxiety, excitement… MORE anxiety.  Seriously, I have begun worrying about EVERYTHING....more

Prepare To Be Uncomfortable

Recently a client asked me how to tell the difference between the natural anxiety a person has when they’re moving forward into something new and the gut instinct that something is truly wrong for them.  Good question, right?And the answer is: I don’t think you can tell the difference.  At least not right away.Both of those feelings are so profoundly uncomfortable that it’s easy to see why some people stay stuck in the familiar.  As my wise friend Amy Ahlers once told me, “If you are out of your comfort zone, you can expect to feel uncomfortable.”...more


Yesterday was a great day. I drove Jack into the city to a children’s museum, and we played and climbed and…well, mostly I chased him. We devoured, in equal parts, a delicious sausage pizza. The wind bit our cheeks as we ran back to the parking garage. And I reveled in moving and playing and driving and inserting my little validated parking ticket in the slot—actions of which I am oddly proud. As I performed them, I was thinking, triumphantly: I’ll never let anxiety stop me from doing what I want to do....more

Rebranding Myself


Christmas Gift Fails

I’m crap at Christmas presents. Well, that’s not exactly true. I actually enjoy buying stuff for people. It satisfies my second-X-chromosome connected need to shop, neatly combining it with my equally second-X-chromosome-connected need to please other people. And I delight in finding gifts that match people, I really do. There’s a kind of creative satisfaction in it. Don’t ever get me started on the whole ‘just give them a gift card’ copout… which is only marginally better than the ‘ask them what they want’ scenario....more

The diary of an anxious young lady

I'm starting a new column named Diary of an anxious lady. I wanted to share some thoughts how anxiety feels and how to beat it if you can. I'm going to post frequently, where all of the events are real, and so are the characters. I changed their names and some circumstances. The main character in this diary is called Pelin, a girl with dark black hair, a perfectionist with an anxiety disorder. Her other half is Marcel, a boy with a lot on his mind, but carrying an endless love in his heart. ...more