AOL Acquires The Huffington Post for $315 Million

According to TechCrunch, AOL announced this morning that it purchased The Huffington Post for $315 million dollars. But don't worry -- Arianna Huffington isn't going anywhere. This deal is partly about buying a ready-made brand, but also about acquiring the talent that makes Huffington Post one of the top-read sites on the Internet. ...more

As part of the transaction, Arianna Huffington, The Huffington Post's co-founder and ...more

Who Won #BrandBowl? Arianna Huffington and AOL in Overtime

My short blog about Bridgestone and Chevy winning #BrandBowl got scrapped before it could even get published this morning when I saw a tweet sometime after midnight announcing AOL bought The Huffington Post. Already in bed, the "What?" I yelled out loud caused my poor dog to jump up and look at me very confused....more

AOL News Story Calls Postpartum Depression A "Crock"

How many posts am I going to have to write?  How many letters to the editor are people going to have to send?  How many advocates shouting down the stigma will it take? ...more
I kind of agree with this to a certain extent. they slap a label on everything nowadays, the ...more

AOL Pulls the Plug on Netscape Browser

Netscape Navigator, long on life support at Time Warner’s AOL, has had the plug pulled. It will officially cease to exist on February 1, after a 13-year run. In its glory days, Netscape Navigator helped spawn Internet growth with its browser, which was the first to be commercially available to the public. Read more at ...more

Went to read your farewell, very nice. Yes, I have fond memories of NN as well. Just learned ...more

AOL Body

I've finally unpacked my bags from BlogHer 07, and in doing so I'm going through all the great Swag I picked up while there. One of my favorite goodies was the AOL Body thumbdrive, not because it's particularly cool (although it is pretty), but because I have somehow lost every thumbdrive I've gotten up to now, and I needed one in the worst way. However, I did appreciate that they didn't junk it up with a bunch of marketing crap, like I would have expected from most sponsors. It came with a small html file that simply welcomed us to BlogHer. While playing around on the AOL Body site I was pleasantly surprised to see a great looking and value-filled site that I can share with the readers of my health blog. ...more