A Month of Awesome Women: Mama Afrika, Miriam Makeba

When Suzanne Reisman blogged about the death of Miriam Makeba, "Mama Afrika," in 2008, the first thing I did was head over to YouTube to listen to some of her music. Today, on what would have been Makeba's 79th birthday, I invite you to do the same....more

I'm always happy to help others discover great music.

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Happy Nelson Mandela Day!

Today, July 18th, is designated by the United Nations as the first annual international holiday honoring former South African president Nelson Mandela, on the occasion of his 92nd birthday. South African design blogger Lana explains the purpose of the commemoration well: ...more

What an amazing tribute to a man who has made such a huge difference--not only in South Africa, ...more

Segregation, apartheid and some pretty loud bells in Saudi Arabia

I’ve been thinking about segregation a lot lately – some might say too much since I am, as readers know, an outsider here, a guest in Saudi Arabia, an observer with both the privilege and distance available to look at the Kingdom’s systems of segregation esoterically more often than personally. But, none-the-less, segregation – gender and other – has been on my mind. ...more

Singer and Activist Miriam Makeba ("Mama Afrika") Dies at 76

Miriam Makeba, the South African singer and vocal critic of apartheid, died last night after performing in Italy. She was 76 years old. After she left for a tour in 1960, the South African government revoked her passport, forcing her into exile for over 30 years. In those years, Ms. Makeba lived in United States, France, Guinea and Belgium, and served as a constant reminder and voice to the outside world of the struggles for justice, freedom, and equality for black South Africans. ...more

I am so glad to be an african!  I am so blessed to have seen her perform!

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