Reach The Lost Pleasures with the Aphrodisiac Diet

Italian aphrodisiac foods - The Top 10!

The word aphrodisiac comes from the name of the Greek goddess of love Aphrodite and since the ancient times people have believed in the power of aphrodisiac foods....more

Oyster Pilaf

Romantic dinner for two? How about some oysters on Valentine’s Day? Being known for increasing sex hormones and testosterone, oysters are widely believed to be an aphrodisiac. Personally, oysters don’t quite work like “Viagra” for me, but I absolutely adore them. Tasty and elegant, they are great for special occasions like Valentine’s Day....more

Allende On Aphrodisiacs

COOKING RIGHT FOR MR RIGHT  I greatly admire Isabelle Allende for her sumptuous writing, but who knew she was also a sensuous cook?  In her delightfully idiosyncratic “Aphrodite” she promises this dish, Noodles with Artichokes, will move lovers quickly “from gluttony to lust” -- because, she claims, it’s saturated with aphrodisiacs. Ergo, a thoroughly satisfying night of passion is sure to follow.  Try it on your Old Mr....more

A Heart to Heart Discussion About Chocolate

By Mrs/Dr. T, Snarky PhD Scientist and Guest Contributor...more

A Valentine's Day Dinner Guide: My Stimulus Package for Romance

I'm really looking forward to Valentine's Day this year, it'll be nice to think of something other than the economy and big bailouts when I hear the words 'stimulus' and 'package.' At least for one day, and night, stimulation will be aided by food and lead to the recovery of romance. ...more

Pumpkins are romantic, seriously...

Nothing says "I love you" like a pumpkin. What? Why are you looking at me that way? Surely you've experienced this... I'm not talking about the pumpkin as an aphrodisiac, though I could be. ...more

I have a few links from NZ in my Evernote and thought it might be pushing it to have them in ...more