How to: Create a beautiful picture frame out of an old window!

I’m sure, like everyone who has ever had a wedding, you understand how I ended up with a lot of leftover pictures that didn’t make the cut for putting into our wedding album and have been sitting around looking at me like a waste of money. What was I going to do with them? Honestly, I figured they would end up in a drawer until many decades from now (after we’re long gone) and one of our relatives stumbles upon them....more

Here's Why It's "Less Writing, More Boobs", Girlfriends.

 This is the actual title of an article re: a survey done by about what men want to see in a woman’s profile.  Seriously, where do we live? Hooterville? I personally don’t have any more boobs… I barely have boobs period…and my "about me" goes on and on AND on…but I’ve managed to meet some pretty great guys who didn’t need glasses ( to see my little boobs ) and could read ( my novel length profile ) so I’m thinking: score for me!...more