Women: Stop Apologizing for Existing

Not too long ago, I was checking my office mailbox for the snail-mail that I sometimes receive. My mailbox is located in a common area, along with everyone else’s mailbox (a community room consisting of about 40 or so mailboxes, altogether)....more

Sorry (Doesn’t) Seem to Be the Hardest Word

Though saying he was sorry was evidently hard for Elton John, and perhaps for other men, too, research has found that apologizing might be much easier for women. Not only do women typically apologize when it is appropriate, they often say “I’m sorry” when it isn’t.Of course, apologizing is often the responsible thing to do, and doing so can have many positive effects. But when apologies are overused, the negative consequences can outweigh the positive.Why Women Apologize More...more

Everyone does it.

We both know it's true. Everyone does do it and they do it all the time, many of them do it every single day!  If you think I am referring to making the beast with one back, you are incorrect.  I am talking about making mistakes. God, how I loathe mistakes. The only thing I loathe more than making a mistake is when I start getting visibly flummoxed by having made a mistake.  A visible case of the nerves is akin to blood in the water and the only time I am not swimming in shark infested waters is here at home....more

Apologizing for the Non Apologetic Child: Part 2 of a 3 part series on parenting

Some children find apologizing to be an especially difficult, no I amend that, even an impossible task.  One mother told her argumentative 8 year old daughter, “do not speak to me until you apologize to me”.  Three silent days later the mother walked past her daughter’s room and heard her whisper, once “I am sorry”....more

Stand strong and stay powerful

Women apologize more frequently than men, it’s a fact. Most of the time we say “sorry” to be polite but it’s diminishing our credibility. Our power. Do you ever find yourself saying any of these phrases? • “I'm sorry, but I think...” • “I'm sorry you have to do this, but...” • “I'm sorry to bother you with...” • “I'm sorry, this might not be exactly what you wanted...” ...more

 I would also recommend it to men, and that sometimes would include, ahem, me. ...more