Saying you are sorry at any age

My niece and son (who are the same age) recently spent a week together in the same house during a family vacation. It was a bit of a social experiment, as they are both incredibly smart but have wildly different personalities. ...more


If we want more intimate relationships with others, lets begin by breaking down the barriers with the tools of apology and forgiveness.Inspiritual: A space for spiritual evolution and transformation...more

One Blogger's Amazing Takedown Of Martha Stewart

One Blogger's Amazing Takedown Of Martha Stewart ...more

He's Not A Bad Kid But He Makes Mistakes [Teaching Him to Apologize]

I watch him from the dining room window - there from my perch on the old steam trunk that holds our board games - as he shoves the smallest triplet to the ground.  And it is just a game, this shoving - but he's so much bigger and that third of the neighborhood litter is basically the runt, a year older but so much smaller than my middle one.  He does not pop up regular like a whack-a-mole; no, he lays sprawled and face in the grass and he's a possum on a stage and his sonnet is long. ...more

Coming back to the fold!

Hi everyone,I am back and I apologize for not keeping up on the blog.  You know I have learned a lot about this style of communication.  First and foremost, this is really hard and it takes a dedicated focused person to maintian a steady stream of information.  You girls are my hero, I am your struggling child in this new world!...more

Can You Apologize?

Author, poet, freelancerPoetic Asides prompted poets today to Apologize or Not. It's Two for Tuesday challenge day.Each Tuesday on the site, two prompts are given, most always related or opposing. The poet has a choice, write for one and not the other, or write using both, either in the same poem or in separate ones.I chose to do both today. And to do both. Confusing?...more

On Veterans and War

Both my father and step-father are war veterans....more
Thank you for writing this. It is so important. more

In Defense of Doctors

If you’ve been following my blog series about Pink Medicine, you’ll see that I’ve been kind of harsh to the doctors of the Old Medicine. I’ve put out a global apology on behalf of physicians everywhere....more

Apology Accepted

     Today my friend apologized for a wrong he had done weeks ago.  I brushed off his apology and gave him several excuses for why he had done it.  He wouldn't let me off so easy.  He held my arm and said, "No.  It isn't okay.  I have no excuse.  I am sorry for what I did."  After talking for several minutes, I told him we were okay.  He rubbed my arm, smiled and said he was glad. ...more

A Global Apology On Behalf Of Physicians Everywhere

Since I wrote this post about the doctor-patient relationship of the broken, outdated, patriarchal system, I’ve been inundated with emails from all of you, telling me your horror stories. (Fortunately, you’re also telling me the good stuff in response to this post about the doctor-patient relationship in The Pink Medicine, so thank you for that!)...more