Let's Talk Makeup and Perfect365 App

How do you like your makeup?  I personally like someone else to do my makeup.  Of course I can do my makeup but for photo shoots or an event I will have my freelance makeup artist work her magic.If you aren’t one of those magicians.  Prep your face and hit aSephora and ask for the eye express.  I usually purchase the $10 fake eyelashes and one of their magicians will put them on.  They will also create the eye of your dreams and send you on your way.  Perfect? Sure....more

My Reasons for Breaking-up with Candy Crush

It has been six weeks, three days, and several hours since the last time I play ...more

Bellashoot iPhone & iPad Beauty App

 Bellashoot iPhone & iPad Beauty Apphttp://www.beautylifegeek.com/tech/2014/11/18/bellashoot-iphone-ipad-beauty-app  Blog: www.beautylifegeek.com...more

Staying focused...as an adult

There's an app now to help you talk to people...you know, on your phone.But, I'm not being fair, so let's start again.I use my phone to call people, text funny pictures of my son and beat relatives at Words With Friends. I am well aware that I have not unlocked the true potential of my smartphone....more

Thyme App

I had to tell you guys about this cool app I downloaded a couple weeks ago. When you’re signed into the Starbucks app, they do a free “Pick of the Week”. Sometimes it’s a song and other times it’s an app. So this happened to be their pick this week. It’s called the Thyme App. It only does one thing, but it does it very well....more

Road-tested Reviews: The Waze of the Road

Though my husband and I are veteran roadtrippers these days, there was, in fact, a time when we traveled without a GPS. Or at least, with a less than adequate one. Let me tell you, there is little more terrifying than driving through I’m-not-really-sure-where, Georgia, in the middle of the night when your GPS decides your course is now somewhere in the Atlantic....more

AAA- App Addiction Anonymous

I have a confession to make. Sit down. You'll need a chair. I am a Todo list app junky. I have tried just about every Todo list app in Apple's App Store.  There I said it. This addiction, however, goes way beyond this. ...more
Good to know I'm not alone! The Midori is really beautiful and satisfying. I really don't think ...more

The Kitchen Think: Want to Know Where Your Food Comes From? There's an App for That!

This is a really, really great idea, and hopefully it will become part of the way we eat; I just wished a fast-food joint hadn’t come up with the idea first.McDonald’s restaurants in Australia are testing out a free iPhone app that lets consumers know EXACTLY where the food they’re about to eat comes from.You are going to think I'm really cynical when I say this: Don’t you think that if you're seriously concerned about what you eat and where it comes from, you wouldn’t be eating at at McDonald’s? ...more