From Tiger Mom to Emotional Intelligence Advocate: A Little Story on How Povi was Conceived

This is a story transformation. It's a story about real life and how a crisis changed my life and inspired me on creating something out of it. Because of it, we are developing a solution to help to connect families that we will soon be sharing with lots of parents around the world. ...more

Tired of asking your child 'How was school'? Your Smartphone can help you.

One of the most frustrating aspects about parenting is to deal with silent feelings. It's when you have no idea what is driving your kid to isolation, misbehavior or evasion _ or even over excitement. It's like to be "lost in translation" with no clue of what is happening in that universe of which you have absolutely no access....more

What's On MY iPhone 6plus

As I was perusing YouTube a few weeks ago, I stumbled on a couple "what's on my iPhone" videos. The nosey person in me LOVED seeing what apps other people keep on their phone. I even discovered a couple of new holy grail photo editing apps!...more

Agnitus Educational Games App Review

I was able to get my hands on the full version of Agnitus by winning a giveaway and wanted to share my experience with the app and subscription service.  I was not compensated in any way to provide my review and information about this app.  Agnitus is a fun and educational app that helps your child (age 2 to 7) with preschool and Kindergarten fundamentals.  Okay, I know there's tons of tech these days, but this isn't a fluff app that simply keeps your kiddo quiet....more

Mac Geeks Unite

I have had every iphone since the beginning. I don't sell the old one, instead I give it to a family member. My phone has become an extension of myself, or in other words...a tool that I don't leave home without. I am not one of those people that texting others on the JOHN. I have however texted in some strange places. I have just about burned dinner while texting, and tweeting. Have you?...more

Gadget Tree: Confused by Herbs? There's An App For That!

Ready to get more creative with (and take the fear out of buying) all those beautifully  fresh and fragrant herbs you’re seeing in the market?...more
This is a really useful app to know about. I am quite familiar with many herbs but there are ...more

Digital Marine Apps from Navionics

 The days of large out-of-date marine maps have gone away with the introduction of digital marine apps from Navionics.  Designed to be so much more than just marine maps, Navionics designed apps such as Marines & Lakes  to aid sailors with everything they need while out on the water....more