Sweetnin' Saturday

The end of daylight savings time and the subsequent long dark evenings seem like a good time to revisit my blog.It's been one busy eventful summer, but I'll get back to that a little later.Right now, lets talk dessert.Where I come from, Saturdays were designated as the day when country women did their baking. Many of them adhered to a weekly schedule to organize their chores.  I don't remember which chore was designated for every day of the week, but I do remember Monday for laundry and Saturday for baking....more

Considering a new direction

 Today wraps up another month of posting for National Blog Posting Month. I started strong, but I missed a few posts.  Still, I managed to blog more than two-thirds of the days of November. I enjoy blogging, but I’m considering making some changes. I think my range of topics is too broad. I’ve always heard if you aim at nothing (in particular), you’re sure to hit it.Most advice I’ve read for bloggers says “find a niche,” so I’ve been thinking of narrowing my focus for this blog to food. Why? ...more