Does Your Fundraising Make Me Feel Happy and Hopeful?

I've been sharing the Outside article, Nicholas Kristof's Advice for Saving the World with lots of folks this week. In it, the New York Times columnist and blogger writes about what mobilizes people to get involved in social change. The gist of his conclusions were:...more

9 Tips for Effective Fundraising Letters

A friend recently wrote to ask: "Do you have any resources that offer tips on how to write an effective appeal for donations? I'm in charge of writing the annual appeal letter, and I'm beginning to sweat!" ...more

Open Letter to Sen. Barack Obama

Dear Senator Obama, Since January of this year, I've been absolutely committed to getting you elected. I've donated to your campaign, I've canvassed for you, I've volunteered to work in the office around the corner, and I've even put my marriage into severe stress by refusing to sit idly by and once again allow my Republican spouse to cancel out my vote. But I need your help. And I need it now. I knew it was going to be a rough campaign. I even suspected that Sarah Palin would be the choice for their ticket after seeing her profiled earlier this year. Why didn't you? I also suspected that the Republicans would use every single weapon at their disposal, including the financial markets, race, war, and terrorism (their little deck of fear) to intimidate voters into electing them. But I believed you when you called upon us to be the New American Majority. This is what I wrote in February: ...more


I've seen Sarah Palins in my lifetime. They're the cheerleaders that ...more