Being pregnant AND sexy: sometimes you must explore to discover what works

Weight gain and body shape changes are something every expectant mom deals with. The physical shifts can be uncomfortable, dismaying… and even panic producing.How does a woman deal with this in an empowering way?She wants to find and focus on what works for her. She wants to take on an exploratory mindset. That’s what Tina did. ...more

Yes, that is me quoted on CNN today ABOUT BOTOX!

I am quoted by Shanon Cook from CNN today!Check it out!Does Botox affect the ability to parent?By Shanon Cook, CNNSee, I don't have to master the comma.  I can just be "quoted" and no more sweating over punctuation....more
@All That Makes You You are welcome! And you, Amiga, keep being you.   :)more

The Business of Marriage: Branding Your Relationship

In marriage just like business you must create and maintain your brand. This is the perception you create about you and your mate. When people talk about you how do you want to be perceived? Are you the loving couple? The happy couple? The drama-filled couple? Or the miserable couple?...more