Tomatillo Salsa

Tasty Tuesday: Buffalo Chicken Dip

Tasty Tuesday: Buffalo Chicken Dip If you're like me, you're always looking for a dip to bring to party or a tailgate. I know it isn't tailgate season yet, but I feel like there are 1,000 parties in the summer that you need to bring something to. This buffalo chicken dip is both tasty and hearty (i.e....more

Dinner Tonight: Savory Barbecue Slow Cooker Meatballs

Savory Barbecue Slow Cooker Meatballs are the perfect easy dinner for a busy weekday.  Ingredients...more

3 Go To Party Foods

These three appetizers are easy to make and always crown pleasing!!  Fruit Salsa, Marshmallow Dip, and Poppers!  Check out our blog here for the recipes!!I hope one of these appetizers make it to your next party or gathering!!Xo,Everythingsisters...more

Potato Skins

Healthy, yummy potato skins; perfect for any party.  Did I mention, healthy?  No one will know these are low fat, except for you and me! ...more

Meatballs with Slim Jim!

I know what you might be thinking, "Yuck". But I promise you that I would not be posting this  recipe unless it was tested by an abundant amount of mouths and taste buds. I recenetly concocted this meatball recipe for a holiday party, and did not disclose that Slim Jims were the main ingredient. Much to my suprise, everyone loved them and asked for the recipe. When I told them about about the Slim Jims, they didn't believe me. Take my word for it... or try for yourself:...more

Guacamole Hummus: My New Obsession

Spicy Guacamole HummusFind the Full Recipe at The Table I’ve been on a bit of a hummus kick lately. A local store makes a wonderful hummus dip with fire roasted peppers that is completely addicting. They have tons of different flavors: sun-dried tomato, paprika, garlic, olive, and even Sriracha. Seeing all of those flavors inspired today’s recipe.Guacamole Hummus....more

RITZ Everything Bites with Lox and Schmear

A few years ago the Army decided that my family needed to live in New Jersey. Living in New Jersey afforded my family the awesome opportunity of going to New York City on a regular basis.  New York City was just a train ride away. We loved visiting the city and exploring it!...more

#Appetizer – Cheese Stuffed Mushrooms

The filling is soft and creamy, if you prefer a firmer filling add an egg white to the cheese mixture.  GET RECIPE ...more