Appetizers, food, who needs a full meal?

 I would like to say that my kid eats everything that I make but I would be a big fat liar.  He did eat most of these appetizer/snacks but it was the neighbor kids that I dragged over who ate everything in site.  It was kind of nice though until they started licking the counter tops, I knew I hadn't made enough.  I did make more before they turned on me but it was a close thing!...more

Triple Threat Cheese Dip

A thick creamy, oh so cheesy dip! Super delicious with chips or crackers or even a soft warm pretzel! Why is this a triple threat? Because it features a trio of cheeses! Yum! Recipe link:

Pizza Crackers

When you don’t have the time or the patience to make (or order) a pizza, Pizza Crackers are a quick and delicious alternative....more

Beer Snacks Round Up

Perhaps you have already done some St. Patrick's Day celebrating.Or, you still plan on doing a wee bit of celebrating on the actual day....more

Crisp and Buttery Homemade Crackers

These will be a hit at your next holiday get-together!Artisanal crackers are a popular hors d’oeuvre around the holidays, making an appearance on cheese and charcuterie platters and served alongside various dips or spreads. They add an elegance that saltines just can’t match. But they’re expensive. You might pay upwards of $5 for a dozen crackers....more

Tiny Tomato Tartlets

When I have a lot of tomatoes from the garden, one of my favorite things to do is make tomato pies....more

Baked Mozzarella Sticks

Yeah.  I may not share these with the kids. www.myeffingcookbook.commore

Raspberry Brie Tartlets

Halloween has come and gone.I was all geared up for Halloween this year because the hubby was going to hand out treats while I relaxed in front of a scary movie.  Such a great plan, right?Well, the weather turned wicked on Halloween!Pumpkins were dusted in snow, there were snow squalls and winds up to 70mph.Trick or treaters were few and far between AND it took both of us to hand out treats....more

Biscuits Pepperoni Rolls Yum!

Hi everyone I hope you are having a great and relaxing Sunday. Well I wanted to share with you this weekend simple recipe for your kids, Biscuits Pepperoni Rolls and I tell you they will love it. ...more

Pumpkin Roundup #3: Appetizers

Fall is officially here.  Have you gotten your pumpkin fix yet?  Are you maxed out on pumpkin?  No?!  Well, there is enough to go around.  If you enjoyed the breakfast recipes, you will enjoy these appetizers as well.  Prepare some for your next NFL watch party....more