Dragon's Day Off + My iPad = What the Actual F*ck?

So, Dragon had the day off one day, but I did not, which means that he was left alone in my apartment with my iPad all day long. Normally this means that he’ll spend the day watching Netflix, playing video games and goofing around with Gio. Something must have been in the coffee that day, though, because when I came home, I grabbed my iPad and found this little series of photos (I added the little face later for purposes which should be obvious): ...more

Goodnight Moon, Goodnight iPad

My teenage boys are poised between childhood and adulthood, and the new year prepares to arrive. I find myself reflecting on letting go of the past and embracing the future....more
@Denise Thanks, Denise. They really, really do. I can't believe it--he's turning 16 next month.more

Applying Floortime to Technology: How My Child with Autism Learned to Use the iPad

In this post, I will share how our daughter Beth learned to work the iPad (i.e. learned to poke and drag, the key to using all apps).  I will narrate our process during videos of my daughter demonstrating the apps, and then generalize the lessons I learned at the end of this post. Since we are using Floortime (1) for play therapy, I took a play-based child-centered approach to helping Beth use the iPad. ...more

How dirty your keyboard is?

Did you know that computers especially keyboards have more germs than a loo? yeak? right?Fact: Some office keyboards have FIVE times more bugs than a lavatory, studies revealed and don’t think that your home computer/keyboard/iPad/iPhone are excepted!...more

Etch-a-Sketch for iPAD

Oh my GOODNESS!Will you look at this video!?!?I can't believe how well this works. And you can save your drawings, put them on FaceBook, or e-mail them!It's a case for the iPAD which is fully functional, with all of its ports and jacksShake the "Etch-aSketch" to erase the drawing and start again!...more
 @feelingbeachie Hey there, Hilary! We never thought about being "addicted" to a plaything ...more

Top 5 Gadgets for 7 Year Olds

Actually Mummy...Listography at Kate Takes 5 this week is all about gadgets, and I have my top 5 right here. Now I love to read, but girl cannot live by books alone, and when the printed word begins to swim, a little light relief is in order. Fun things that make life easier. Here are my top 5 gadgets:...more

Apps for the iPad that Occupy Traveling Kids

I’ve shamelessly touted the iPad as my favorite travel accessory and now you can stock yours up with a bunch of apps that will keep your tot busy, or at least clicking around, while you travel. Some of them Karam has been playing since he was 18 months and others he is still growing into. Figure it out, based on your child’s age and interests. The good news is, more than half of them are free! ...more

Thanks for the suggestions- I’ll be sure to check out the Dr. Seuss app. I am constantly amazed ...more

I Have Six Gadgets in My Purse and I Need Them All

I thought it was just me with the problem. After all, I am one of those techie type people. I like gadgets and technology, love the Internet, can’t live without my music—you can see where this is going, I’m sure. ...more

When I travel, the following goes in my backpack and/or purse:

--iPod ...more

Apple's New iPad

Whether Apple's announcement of the tablet dubbed iPad made you long for one, scoff at how unnecessary they are, or crack jokes about the choice of name, you have to admit it was a huge announcement. ...more

This was written before anyone had one, so I appreciate you comments as an actual ...more