Recipe: Easy, homemade apple pie

Our bushel of apples from a recent apple orchard visit was still looming. After making apple sauce, I still had a lot (a LOT) of apples so I went for the fallest of all fall treats--an apple pie! Making an apple pie is surprisingly easy. It's even easier if you don't make your own crust. Thankfully, a had two pie crusts in the freezer so I went that route. I thawed two, one for the bottom and one for the top, and set to work on the filling....more

Baked Apple Pie Smoothie- Kid-Friendly with Four Ingredients

Banter:On the night of Mother’s Day Eve (that’s a holiday too right?) my husband and eldest son requested that I make brownies for our Mother’s day get-together. Typically, I oblige, but this one time...I said, “...No.” Aside for it being Mother’s Day (almost) I had recently decided I wanted to try to eat healthier....more

Cinnamon Roll Apple Pie Lollipops

Warm cinnamon roll.Gooey apple pie filling.Sweet icing.Lollipop stick for the perfect appearance.It doesn’t get much better than this dessert!!These were fun to make and even more fun to eat. Plus these are stable as ‘lollipops’ so its perfect for a party!Who doesn’t love their own cinnamon roll AND apple pie.. on a stick?! Click the link or copy/paste into oyur browser for the recipe!!

Grilled Mini Inside Out Apple Pies

Every time I step foot outside after around 3pm, I smell barbecues. Everyone's out on their deck, enjoying the sunshine, a juicy burger, and an ice cold beer....more

Peep Fest

Busy, busy weekend around here.  A regular peep fest you might say.These peeps were on super sale at Target:As you can see, we bought a ton.And these peeps were at Tractor Supply:...more

Two Baked Things

We celebrated my dad's birthday last weekend and since he is not a big sweets eater, but will tolerate apple pie, I made him an apple pie.  After all, when you celebrate someone's birthday who doesn't like sweets, how can you NOT have sweets for all the people who do like sweets?...more

Cardamom Apple Blossom Pie with French Vanilla Crust

Is this not the prettiest little pie? I mean, come on! A pie full of apples and spices that resembles a rose – be still my heart. Now, not all of the food that I make is this nice to look at (not even close, really). But when I look at this lovely confection, it sort of makes me want to strive for that, you know? Thus, the reason I chose to bestow upon it the weighty responsibility of being the first recipe on this site. I’m confident it can handle the pressure....more
Thanks Karen! :)more

Apple Pie Cookies - Christmas Cookies #6

On the 9th day of Christmas I baked Apple Pie cookies. These cookies, like the pumpkin cookies, were made using a cake mix.View Post--Mrs. Akram Taghavi-Burris The mastermind behind Akram's Ideas  ...more

Best spicy apple pie with coconut oil crust!

I've been loving all the apples we've been having around lately, and I've made my share of apple sauce and apple butter, but today was time for something new.  Something delicious!  Some good old fashioned apple pie!I thought about making the dough with coconut oil instead of shortening or butter, but decided to add some butter to the crust to add more flakiness.  I also love spices, especially fall spices (you know, allspice, ginger, nutmeg) and decided to play with those too!  So here goes :Pie crust :...more