Mini Apple Pies

Last weekend I purchased a few apples from the farmers market in Union Square, and had a couple of large ones left this weekend. Usually when I have a bunch of apples on hand I'll make apple crisp, but I wanted to do something different. Considering I only had two apples, I couldn't make a full apple pie, so I decided to try making single-serving pies. I had no idea if it would turn out okay, but hooray—they're great!...more
These are so cute and look delicious! I have a friend that bakes mini apple pies in half pint ...more

Weekend Menu Planning: Sweet and Savory Apple Recipes for Fall

Maybe it's all the years I spent as an elementary school teacher, but as soon as the calendar changes to fall, I start thinking about apples. I do have fond memories of the apples kids brought to school, which always tasted a little better than the ones from the store. But even if they're not delivered by a darling student, apples are especially crisp and sweet when they're in season (from late August to November in North America), and now that it's officially autumn, it's time to put apples on your menu. Here are some sweet and savory apple recipe ideas from food bloggers that caught my eye, and I'm hoping you might try making at least one of these over the weekend. ...more

So glad you like the apple recipes.

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Fried Apple Pies recipe

Apples are still available in plenty in the Farmer's markets, and they look so lovely you can't help but pick up a few to use into some delicious desserts! I intended to pick up a huge bag to make some baby food for my 8 month old, but the chef in me could not stay put, and was tempted to use them to make some beautiful and fragrant Fried Apple Pies. A cross between old-fashioned Apple Pie and Apple Empanadas, the creator of this recipe has indeed come up with something that is so interesting and hard to resist. One look and you'll fall in love with it!...more

The Fruits of Fall: Apples

"Now that fall has almost arrived, the climate is beginning to evoke thoughts of cosy sweaters, fuzzy blankets, knees tucked up before the fireplace. When we take The Girls for their walks along the trails, the barren trees on either side of the paths span above our heads, branches reaching across to touch each other as if holding hands. Carpets of brown, red, and orange leaves crinkle below our feet as we stroll along." ~ from Diet, Dessert and Dogs, featuring the recipe for Holiday Bundt Apple Cake ...more

Thanks Alanna, for linking my Apple cake in this topic. This is one of my favorite recipe ...more