Recipe: Apple Bread

We still have so many apples from our recent apple orchard trip. I decided to make some apple bread. It was a tasty, easy and made such a nice little treat for after dinner and in my kids' lunches that week. It was so yummy that it didn't require any apple butter or anything else on top. It was cake-like and delicious all on it's own....more

Puff Pastry Fried Apple Tarts

 Puff Pastry Fried Apple Tarts...more

Recipe: Food Mill Apple Sauce

We recently went apple-picking and brought home way too many apples. Of course. So, I did what any apple-lovin' person would do...I set to work making all sorts of treats from the fruit--including  food mill apple sauce.My apple sauce is easy. It's so easy that it's ridiculous actually. In previous years, I would core and peel the apples, bake them and then use the food processor to blend them. And that is why I hated making apple sauce....more

Fall means all things apple

Nothing feels more like fall in Michigan than apple orchards and cider mills. The smell of donuts, the crisp feel to the air, the tractor rides, the unpredictable weather--it's all symbolic of the changing seasons....more

Astonishing Apples, by Joan Donatelle

 An “Apple-icious” Take on Panzanella...more

How to Choose the Right Apple for Your Dessert

 Photo Credit: Kristy Kay, 2013Do you love fall baking but never know what apples to pick? Here are five apples you cannot go wrong with for your next dessert. ...more

Happy Apple Day (a few days late!)

Happy Apple Day!!! ...more

curried apple walnut chutney


Peanut Butter Cups (stuffed with apples!)

All the conference rooms in my office have a jar of candy on each table, and I happen to sit right next to one. Do you know how bad that is for my diet? It’s bad. Very, very bad. ...more
What a great idea yum!more