Peanut Butter Cups (stuffed with apples!)

All the conference rooms in my office have a jar of candy on each table, and I happen to sit right next to one. Do you know how bad that is for my diet? It’s bad. Very, very bad. ...more
What a great idea yum!more

Fresh Apple Dump Cake

I have an easy and delicious fall recipe for you today, Fresh Apple Dump Cake.  It's perfect for apple season.  This recipe starts with your favorite fresh apples and if you've made a Dump Cake before...more

Apple Dump Cake a la Mode

 Sometimes don’t you just want a yummy dessert without having to work for it?  I know I do and today we had one that I love.  It is ridiculously easy – 4 ingredients.  Minimal prep time.  Sounds great, right?  Let me introduce you to Apple Dump Cake a la Mode.  You aren’t going to believe how easy this is!...more

French Apple Tart

Organic (Roasted) Applesauce

Simple to make; fresh, sweet, healthy and satisfying...roasted apples, a bit of honey and cinnamon; 50/50 chunky and smooth! ...more

Mountain Dew Apple Dumplings

  You know when you have that list of ingredients for a dish and there's that ONE ingredient that just does not seem to fit it?  You know, "one of these things is not like the other".  This is definitely one of those recipes.  We recently visited our local apple orchard and came home with an entire bag of amazing apples....more

Falls Edible Treats's...more