Kitchen Hack, Volume IV: Tagging Apples

We're not very apple savvy. We don't spend our hours debating the best way to identify them. Or the best way to grow them, cook them, or eat them. Though there is something wonderful about a tart, firm, crisp apple, we just don't have room in our brains to regularly identify by memory any but say the Granny Smith or the Red Delicious by taste and texture. We also get bored easily, and shop once a week. In order to ensure the best chances of the tastiest apples, we buy a selection. But how to know which is which without memorizing it? Simple:...more

Amaretto-Spiked Caramel Apple Bites

Every month, I share a recipe from a vintage cookbook and turn it loose on a wonderful bunch of bloggers, who each reinterpret the recipe in their own way. Our assignment this month was to remake "Ozarkian Taffy Apples", which in its original form, was a very hard, crude caramel, a "Prairie Caramel" as fellow blogger Linda put it. ...more

Potluck Salad--We All Need a Good Salad Recipe

  Photographer: Dino De Luca, ...more

Children Choking Apples?

4th Place Winner Still Gets...more

Easy Succulent Thanksgiving Recipe - Dessert

It is hard to believe that Thanksgiving weekend is a week away. Oy! This is the last recipe in our fail-proof, fool-proof, easy AND succulent Thanksgiving recipe series. And for your convenience, let us relist them here:...more

Apple-Cinnamon Phyllo Pillows

  I purchased about 20 pounds of apples for the kids halloween party this past weekend, ignorantly thinking that most kids would want a healthy break from all the candy.  ...more

On Apple Chips and Autumn

Fall, my relationship with you has been more challenging than with the other seasons. For years, I loved the smells, the tastes, the feelings of crispness in the air, but was wary of enjoying them. I'd gaze upon the magazines at the grocery store, colorful covers boasting culinary opulence: roasted turkeys, glazed hams, baked pies of every flavor. Very early, however, I understood that fall meant winter, and winter was a strange and dark time in my childhood home. For many of those years, I avoided immersing myself in the joys of autumn because the fall from technicolor was so much farther than the fall from black and white....more

These were not overwhelmingly apple-y. If you dry them out until they are chewy, the apple ...more


I love the Fall!  No more ninety plus degree days with a thousand percent humidity.  No more watermelon stains on the girl's white t-shirts.  And thank goodness no more cantelope, I just can't stand cantelope.  And lest we forget - hockey and football!!  The days are cooler now, the sweatshirts are out of storage and the produce shelves at Harris Teeter are filled with squash and apples galore....more

If I could talk my husband into going apple picking this weekend. We've never done it. Hmmmm.... ...more

Fresh Picked Applesauce

My first post here is going to be about apples! We picked 2 bushels of apples last weekend and we are making pies, applesauce and applebutter.  I am allergic to apples but that doesn't keep me from making all of this yummy stuff since once the apple is cooked I can eat it!I purchased a nifty little apple peeler, slicer, corer gadget today and with great excitement my husband and I along wth our daughter put it together and began peeling, slicing and coreing our fresh picked apples!  (I have a son too but it was late and he was asleep!)....more