Applications for Autistic Children

A couple of weeks ago I watched the TV show 60 Minutes, Australia and there it was this amazing reportage: First Words about autistic children who could finally express themselves using an iPad and applications by pushing simple strong visual colourful buttons and with an alphabet system to enable the child to create phrases. ...more

Who Should Decide What is Sold in iTunes?

But just as Amazon did not have to keep Wikileaks on its servers, Apple does not have to host and sell any apps it chooses not to. I'm free not to use any apps in iTunes I don't like. And if Manhattan Declaration ever gets reinstated in the store, I'm free not to use it, either. However I feel about any of these apps, it really is Apple's decision, in my view. ...more

Free speech is about having the right to say whatever you want w/o fear of government ...more

Women, Stop Saying You Hate Math

Every time I see a comment or a post from a woman stating that she can’t do math or hates math I just cringe. This is one cultural meme I would like to see stomped into the pavement. Take a step back and look at what we affirm. There are generations of people saying “I don’t understand math.” “I hate math.” “Math is hard.” Yet we are the same people that buy cars, homes and financial services. We are also the same people who elect other math illiterates to city, state and federal position to manage government financial affairs. ...more
@KayL.Brown I do understand. When I was a teenager with a poor math foundation I was also ...more

From iPhone to Droid, Part 1: Top Free Droid Apps to Ease the Transition

I did it. After months of bitching out loud to my friends and colleagues, tweeting about it and blogging it, I dropped AT&T (and thus the iPhone) and got back on Verizon with the Motorola Droid. I thought it would be a rough transition, but it turned out to be not so bad. In fact, the Droid is a pretty slick device. But, like any "smart" tech these days, it's not truly yours until you've customized it, put your mark on it. And on the Droid, like the iPhone, that starts with the apps. ...more

Was just looking for Google Goggles because you made it sound so good! And I can't find it in ...more

Productivity and design Mac apps I use every week (or thereabouts) ... and apps I don't

It's pretty safe to say I spend 12 hours or so a day on my Mac — or a Mac. So I thought I'd document, if not the what of the check I'm doing, then the how. Here they are. I tried to break them down by category, because nobody can really use a laundry list of 20 or 50 or 100 things presented in a blog post, just laid out there as if it were helpful. Excuse me for a side rant: ...more

Thanks for sharing all those links & apps. I've used some, but not all.

I've used ...more

Dump your dumb phone this holiday season

Dump your dumb phone this holiday seasonShop for a smartphone and work play hard ...more