How to create a Smokey Eye

Smokey eyes have been a big style for quite awhile and there's no sign this particular trend is going away anytime soon. Here I will show you step-by-step instructions on how to get the perfect Smokey eye. The key to the perfect Smokey eye is proper blending. You want to make sure colors are blended together flawlessly. Also, it's important to pair light base colors with rich dark colors....more

My Ipsy Glam Bag

There are a lot of "beauty-product-of-the-month" options available out there.  What are they?  They're essentially a subscription that costs usually around $10 per month, to beauty products and each month, the provider sends the subscriber a certain number and variety of products to try.  ...more

2 Looks, 2 Tutorials, 1 Face.

Yes, I actually named this post "2 Looks, 2 Tutorials, 1 Face". I really need to come up with better titles if this is what it's come to. No matter what the title is, I am excited to bring you these tutorials. They're 2 completely different looks. One bold and retro, One a bit more subtle yet makes a statement. ...more

Beauty on a budget: Making those falsies last just a little bit longer!

Every girl loves wearing fake lashes, whether it's for a dramatic night out on the town, or an lighter, softer, natural every day look. Unfortunately, the prices of these falsies are not cheap, ranging any where from three to 17 dollars (drugstore compared to department stores) they are all the same. So to get a little more bang for your buck, pick up some lashes from any drug store and re-use them! Before you re-use them be sure to clean them up so they look good as new!...more