Your Daily Reading: “Living Wide Awake™” Allow Your Heart to Open 5-19-12

Practicalities are ruling.Your winning ways of being well-organized and persevering in hard times are propelling you to a stable place.Your desire (maybe a secret) is your want to be appreciated and loved in return for your love and kindness.Opposing Energies: Selfishness, miserly, scarcity consciousness, avarice, depression.This is an interesting day…The energies reflect persevering and an emergence of desires for besting one’s life with more emotional comforts and luxuries....more

Keep Your Friends Close...

Through this short journey of my life, I have gone through a great many things- joy, sadness, excitement, new beginnings, tragic ends, etc… But through it all, I have had great friends by my side. Yesterday marked the 32nd anniversary of my birth. Each year it seems to sink in more and more how fast life is moving, which begs the question- are you living every minute or just watching as it passes you by?...more