Thanks to Bishop Thomas’ Powerful Sermon on Sunday, God Led Me into a New Season of Fresh Anointing!

After thinking about how the devil worked my nerves the other day, I woke not feeling well, but excited because I was looking forward to going to church the following Sunday. Then after receiving some disappointing news, my whole attitude changed. I became weary and started complaining to God, again....more

is the grass really greener??

At Least They're Healthy

Two days ago, in some sort of unnecessary frenzy to get out to consume the fresh, warm (hot) air of spring, we hatched a plot to take our son to the petting zoo. The petting zoo, no longer a deemed a 'petting zoo' (a relief for moms who don't want their children's delicate digits nipped off by ill-tempered donkeys), was more of a 'farm', where animals could be observed, from behind the safety of wire fencing, in their 'natural' habitats....more
You never know what could happen tomorrow and I guess that is why we  must make time to cherish ...more