But Where's the Wonder?

It Hurts When I Poop!(1) That is the actual title of an actual children's book, though not, I'm sorry to say, the sequel to the classic Everyone Poops.(2)No, it is an instructive children's book meant to help youngsters through the trauma of – I don't know – toilet training? Constipation? Hemorrhoids? At any rate, some kind of fundamental difficulty....more

Paramore, Twilight, and Endearing Sarcasm

Birdie began reading Twilight this weekend.  *collective gasp*  Yeah, I know-- what was I thinking?! ...more

The Importance of Reading to Our Children

I was born into a family of writers and linguists, and I grew up surrounded by books and manuscripts. Reading and writing was a part of our family life. On weekends, my father would take us to a bookstore so we could browse books, and buy one or two to read during the week. On school nights, I read under the covers with a flashlight, and got lost in the pages of A Little Princess or the Nancy Drew series. A shy child, I would read during recess. Books were my friends....more
@KC_writes :-) / Reading as children does shape us as adults. THANK YOU for commenting.more

Identifying your child's reading level

No two readers are the same.  The way the mind processes information is unique. It formulates imagery through what we already know or have unconsciously stored in the memory bank.  As I have said in my previous post - Encouraging Reading - nurturing a love for reading is far more important than reading itself.  To this end, it is very important to identify and accept your child’s reading level....more