Dear Santa: The Mobile Wish List

The next in the "5 Questions" series, I asked entrepeneurs "What's on your mobile wish?"iPad or Windows tablet . – Ebony Rentas, CEO and Founder, The Women's Age @TheWomensAgeThis proves my point that you can't ask customers what they want, they don't know - I'll know it when I see it! – Beth Temple, Digital Pioneer @bethtemple4u...more

Apps That Keep Me Sane and On Track

Like many of you, I have a lot of balls in the air at any given time....more

2012 Election Apps

2012 Election Apps are not just for political junkies.  Elections at the local, state, and federal level have proven to be hotly contested in many of our districts.  If you are looking for solid apps that can show results and news, we have selected a few options to consider.  Be sure to stop by out post at The High-Tech Home!Nick @

Skeletons! And Muscles. And the Circulatory System.

Human Anatomy Apps for KidsTwo new apps—one for younger kids; one for older—do a great job explaining how the world’s most sophisticated machine works. Both are interesting and interactive, and depict the body through the expected deconstructed views of muscle, organs, the circulatory system, and skeleton....more

Apple Maps: Epic Fail or Stunning Tribute to Salvadore Dali?

When the iPhone 5 launched on Friday, Apple supplied its own proprietary maps instead of using something existing (and right) like Google Maps. It turns out that this custom map app contains some artifacts not found in other map apps, and even excludes some found in the real world. iThing users quickly took to the Interwebs to start posting some of the more "unusual" sightings in Apple maps and I couldn't help but notice an uncanny likeness to some of my favourite paintings....more
Driving would be a lot more exciting! Commute time would be just like a ride on your favorite ...more

Which Smart Phone and Tablet Apps Do You Like Most?

This week, we're wondering which of all the hundreds of smart phone and tablet apps are the favorites among the BlogHer community. For me, some have become essential travel items (hello iPhone alarm clock), some are excellent time fillers when you're stuck in a line (Scrabble, Fruit Ninja), and some have completely obliterated my ability to recall movie/actor names independently (IMDb...destroyer of brains). I can no longer imagine what life was like before Pandora made me the program director of my very own personal radio station....more
If you like Pandora check out Songza.  It will give you a playlist based on the time of day, ...more

Planning a Trip? 5 Must Have FREE Travel Apps

Few weeks ago, I was overseas and my iPhone was never been so handy!  In the palm of your hand you can find all information you need helping you to travel smoothly.  I tested all the listed below apps and they are still in my iPhone folder under the Travels name so enjoy it!...more
I can’t agree more Angel, there are plenty of full version apps that make all the difference ...more

5 Apps that could save your life (1)

Because you never know what will happen in the next corner of the life, it’s always better to prevent – your phone can save your life! Here I selected for you 5 important apps you should have into your phone.1 – Red Panic ButtonIs now an universal app, when you are in trouble press the Red Pani Button. You just have to set a panic number or mail address and the phone will send a message which contains your address and location, determined using the fine GPS & GSM based coordinates....more

How Apps Can Support Your Child's Social Skills

Sometimes I think social skills apps are redundant, since iPads are themselves such social magnets. These tablets can motivate kids of all abilities to interact, and give them a common ground for communicating....more
Very interesting only because that no need too much time to explain complicated thing to ...more