Lauren’s Favorite Apps

Lauren has had an iPad since Thanksgiving. Since then, we have downloaded several apps, mostly free, for her to try. I wanted most of them to be semi-educational, since she loves to be on her iPad. We also use it as a motivator to get her to do things like pick up her toys, dress herself and go potty. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t.Her favorite apps at the moment are Endless Alphabet, PBS Parents Play & Learn, Netflix, & most of the Toca Boca apps, specifically the Toca Kitchen & Toca House apps. Click on each photo to go to iTunes....more

Are Today's Toddlers the Generation iToddler?

Some question the use of apps in children's daily routine finding it too close to its ancient sibling-the video game, I however embrace it. People say it strays away from parent & child interaction.  This theory, in my opinion, is based on fear-fear of change, fear of a fast-growing technological generation that does anything and everything with a click of a button or more appropriately-a tap of a finger....more
Here's a list of my toddler's favorite learning apps! ...more

Can the Any.DO iPhone App Help Me Get Things Done?

I love lists. I make lists every day. I sometimes make multiple lists in a day. I edit my lists, not just to cross things off but also to move things around on them or to re-prioritize them. I cleaned out my Evernote last week and I found a ton of old lists. I found empty note holders that used to contain lists of things that I had actually completed but inadvertently left the empty Evernote item. I created the BlogHer group List Lovers Unite because sometimes I feel like I'm the only one, (I'm not), who loves lists. I share a monthly To Do list in that group and whether I ever finish the things on it or not, I feel good about the community that's built around those monthly lists. But, I really would like to do more of the things so I'm also always on the look out for new apps or list organizing tools that will inspire me to get things done. Enter Any.DO....more Hey, SweetBird, come on over to my side of the room, we'll sit together and ...more

Get Smart─Lock Down Your Apps

Apps are what make smartphones smart. Without apps, smartphones would just be regular feature phones. Apps are what make our smartphones into our most personal computers. And like our computers, we need to protect our smartphones and apps.Some of the most commonly used apps on the Android platform such as Facebook, LinkedIn and Gmail don’t require a log in each time they’re launched, which is convenient, but from a security standpoint, not smart....more

If You Can’t Google a Question, You Should Thumb

Have you ever had a question that you wanted to have a mass opinion on? If you have ever sat and wondered whether or not you can wear socks with sandals and still look fashionable…fear not, now there’s an app for that. ...more
Ohhh I'm about to thumb it Michelle!! Lolmore

Tech Resolutions: Apps to Improve Our Online Lives

I spend much of my day looking at screens - from desktop to smartphone to tablet. I love what screens have to offer, but this year, I resolve to take more control of how I use my screen time. I resolve to be plugged in with more purpose. Image courtesy of Alexandra Asher Sears ...more

Getting Organized for 2013? There's An App For That!

The new year is here, and for many of us that means that it's time to reflect on ways to start fresh and finally get those house/family/health/money issues under control. Never fear, there's probably an app for that these days, and that's what we want to explore in this week's poll....more
I need an app to remind me of the all the things I've signed up for!  I have memory issues...I ...more

Holiday Home Run Gifts: iPad Minis, Apps, and More

If you and your kids are dreaming of a tech-filled holiday season, you probably have questions about tablets, iDevices, and the like. Should you get the brand-new iPad Mini? What makes it a better choice than the larger iPad or the smaller iPod Touch? Do you need accessories, like cases and styluses? Which ones? And what are the best apps for kids of all abilities?...more

Dear Santa: The Mobile Wish List

The next in the "5 Questions" series, I asked entrepeneurs "What's on your mobile wish?"iPad or Windows tablet . – Ebony Rentas, CEO and Founder, The Women's Age @TheWomensAgeThis proves my point that you can't ask customers what they want, they don't know - I'll know it when I see it! – Beth Temple, Digital Pioneer @bethtemple4u...more

Apps That Keep Me Sane and On Track

Like many of you, I have a lot of balls in the air at any given time....more