Share Personalized Puzzle Games Made From Your Own Photos on your iPhone!

For people who enjoy playing puzzle games and sharing photos, there's a new iPhone app called StarFaces that combines the two activities in one slick package.  The StarFaces app enables you to play and share personalized puzzle games made from your own photos. Link to About Starfaces page with complete copy, video, screenshots.Link to download the app...more

Instagram: Should You Be Using It?

Instagram is a photography app for iPhone. Mashable recently wrote Is Instagram the Next Distribution Opportunity for News Media?, which included an interview with Andy Carvin, a senior strategist at National Public Radio (NPR). Carvin talked about how NPR is using Instagram to connect with photographers. There's an NPR Tumblr blog where photos from people around the world are displayed, some of them coming in via Instagram. ...more
I also Love it but i am not a professional photographer and  finding that I am using my iPhone ...more

Bliss for Fashionistas - The Swagg App!

The Free Mobile Swagg  makes shopping at retailers such as  American Apparel, Crocs, ArdenB, Wet Seal, American Eagle & Steve Madden a breeze!  Get the FREE Swag mobile phone app (compatible with iPhone, Android the new Blackberry Torch) to send gift cards, store all your other gift cards (ditch the plastic), get discounts and more!  You buy and send  gift cards and purchase off your gift card, using the bar codes that appear on your phone (works just like swiping a credit card!)....more

10 Fantastic iPad Apps for Kids With Autism

If you need a last-minute gift for a kid with autism, and that kid has an iDevice (iPad or iPod touch), consider hitting the iTunes store and gifting that child an app or two. Then, consider choosing apps that focus on fun as much as or even instead of communication and learning. Apps that encourage kids to use the iPad the way they want to, to play like the children they are. (Apps that just happen to all cost less than $3.)   ...more

Thanks for the great article. I have recently decided to combine my passions for children with ...more

Finally, You Can Instantly Send Gift Cards on Your Phone to Others with the FREE SWAGG APP!

Have you heard about the Swagg App?  It’s a mobile app compatible with iPhone, Android the new Blackberry Torch that makes gift giving easier than ever.  The app allows users to buy, send and swap gift cards to friends and family, all from their mobile phone.  American Apparel, Crocs, ArdenB, Wet Seal, American Eagle, Live Nation,, Omaha Steaks & Steve Madden are among the the ever growing list of retailers who accept Swagg....more

App Addict? I've Got Your Gift Guide

I'm not going to lie. I delayed writing this post because I did not want anyone else to see the AWESOME gifts that can be had if you are addicted to a few iPad, iPhone, or whatever other devices apps there are out there. I wanted them all for myself, my family, and I wanted to make sure you didn't outbid or outbuy me. But out of love for you, my community, I will share my knowledge. I'm a giver. ...more

My son has JUST discovered this one. Perhaps a stocking full of oranges is in order? more

The Personal Stories Behind Awesome Apps for Kids With Special Needs

My son Leo the iPad enthusiast has benefitted greatly from apps developed for kids with special needs -- they provide novel ways for him to communicate, play independently, and entertain himself. I am constantly impressed by how intuitively designed these apps are, how perceptive of Leo's needs, how they bring out his talents and encourage his learning through innovative design and interfaces. ...more

My grandson is seven and has autism,where can I get one of these. I am computer illiterate as ...more

Geeky Mom: PayPal app on iPhone has security flaw

I often use PayPal because it offers an added level of security for online transactions; however as this news story shows, nothing is perfectly safe. Even PayPal, an eBay company, can be vulnerable to a security lapse leaving users unprotected. ...more

I want to trust the app developers, but mistakes happen. Fortunately PayPal made an update ...more

New Tech Toys for your Blog or Browser and iPhone

Before Instagram, to send a photo from my phone, I had to take the photo and then open some other app like Twitter to post it where I wanted it. With Instagram, as soon as I take a photo with the app, it shoots out to either Facebook, Twitter or Flickr – or all three at once – depending on how I set it up. ...more

does include technology, right? I'm not sure why people think its scary - I find it fascinating, ...more

Market Like a Mother: 5 Steps for Successful Social Media Blogger Outreach

Moms do a lot of things right. We develop networks of friends to help us in a pinch. We shift though countless options for our kids (soccer, piano, or underwater basket weaving) and choose with laser sharpness. And we work efficiently to run our homes, nurture our children and make sure everyone is having a good time with rich experiences. Marketing like a mother (or father) is about marketing in a way that comes naturally to us as friends and caregivers. To market effectively we need to market authentically....more

Like Freebies? Today is Free App Friday from MomsWithApps. Download Sleeping With the Laundry ...more