Cancer can be easy?

  I was asked about my tattoo recently.  The woman inquiring admired the delicate work and then said, "That's the breast cancer ribbon, isn't it?"...more
 @HomeRearedChef Thanks Virginia! Thank you ...more

Mornings Suck!

 I'd like it to be known that I am at peace with most things involving ante meridiem (a.k.a. A.M., as in morning time), preferably when it has nothing earlier than an 11 in front of it. And, I'm equally as tolerant of it when there is a 2 in front of it, provided I'm crawling INTO bed at that time and not OUT of bed. And so, you can imagine my displeasure when I wake up at 2:30 (in the A.M.) with not even the slightest ability to fall back to sleep. Wide. Ass. Awake. That was me. ...more
 @alienbody LOL ... I am so tired and my brain doesn't work well. (still) It didn't even occur ...more

My life in...poems?

I’m back again for another NaBloPoMo! I feel so unproductive when I’m not posting daily. Nature should be good inspiration for writing poetry this month…or reading poetry…or reflecting on poetry.  The forests here in the foothills of Kentucky are carpeted with wildflower blooms right now, and simply taking a walk along a woodland stream is a practice in poetry.  Larkspur, wild iris, white violets, wild phlox and trilliums are blooming en masse.  Though more delicate than showy hot house annuals, I think they’re beautiful! ...more