They seamed to flutter right through the water, like a butterfly. As they got closer to the surface, their fins reached up as if to high-five the tiny hands. The velvety coat was smooth to the touch....more

Are Pet Fishes Right for Your Family??

Hello Everyone!! I'm so sorry we have not posted anything lately.  It has been an eventful couple of weeks.   If you follow us on Facebook than you already know that Ms. Bree was sick again last week.  To add to my already stressed week, my dear hubby had to have surgery as well.   ...more

Summer Fun

Happy Monday lovelies! Hope you've all had the best weekend :) We took it easy since my mom was visiting all last week. We were so sad to see her leave because we had so much fun! Odette definitely got her fair share of summer fun this past week as we went to the zoo, children's museum, sea life, splash pad and not to mention did a TON of shopping. No matter how old you are it's always fun shopping with your mama! Here's just a few pictures of the summer fun we've been having lately:...more

You think I'm sweet, but really I'm a serial murderer

We don't pick our victims haphazardly.  Much research and observation goes into choosing the next casualty.  How does the subject move around?  Are they skittish, scared, and excitable, or confident, relaxed, and comfortable in a group?  What do they like to eat?  And what is their price? ...more
giggle. My BFF killed a lot of fish in her day. She did managed to keep one alive through most ...more

Smart Saltwater Aquarium Stocking

When you go to a pet store and see clown fish or anemones elegantly on display, do you consider their origins? As for almost all freshwater fish, they are bred in captivity, which is harder for some species than others. However, saltwater fish are a completely different story....more

Anubias Plant care.

Anubias CareAnubias are probably one of the most common freshwater aquarium plants one could find in a pet store. They usually have several stems, with broad, thick leaves. These plants are from Africa and they grow very slowly, however they are hardy, which is the primary benefit for someone with hungry fish that like to nibble at plants....more

Great Spots for Kids in Boston

Museum of Science ...more