What Type of Mom Are You?

I know quite a few moms now, and I've noticed a few patterns in our styles of parenting. There are many ways of parenting, of course, but here are a few that I think predominate. NEXT: {IT'S OKAY, SWEETHEART} --> Honey-tongued (The Saint) ...more
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The 40-Day Inner Mean Girl Cleanse: How It Tangled With My Outer Bitch and Lost

I have a long history of negative self-talk, and, although I have been less harsh with myself in recent years, I still manage to be my own worst bully. So, when I came across The 40-Day Inner Mean Girl Cleanse one afternoon in late August, a six-week course hosted by co-creators Amy Ahlers and Christine Arylo, I thought it was probably a good idea to join up. My very recent commitment to sobriety, thoughts about positive personal revolution, and a strong desire to be kinder to myself made this seem like the right step to take. ...more

Okay, if that load of horse crap didn't drive you to drink, you're well on your way to ...more

a plant for peaceful warrior women and wise men

a plant for peaceful warrior women and wise men This week's Moonday Post... These last few days have felt like spring in Manhattan with brilliant blue skies and a carnival atmosphere on the streets of the East Village. Yesterday I walked by children carrying bunches of cut daffodils and people dancing to jazz music in Tompkins Square Park. ...more

Mean Girls in Teen Fiction

When I say the words "teens" and "mean girls" I know that many of you shudder a little. We all know some. Some of us have been their target. Some of us have been mean girls ourselves. Some of have been on both sides. We see them reflected in movies, tv show and fiction. But are they really as bad and as prevalent as we make them out to be? Have they become an easy and empty archtype? ...more

A few weeks ago I probably would have said, "Huh?" But her collected works are part of the more