Pantone: Monaco Blue

 The last but definitely not the least of the Pantone 2013 Spring Color Trends is Monaco Blue.  It's a gorgeous shade on the navy spectrum.  This blue is a brightened and heightened form of navy. According to Pantone, Monaco Blue is the anchor color of the Spring 2013 color collection.  Considered part of the light and bright category has a cheery disposition and would look wonderful on your rooms' walls. ...more

Pantone: Linen

Linen, another Pantone Spring 2013 Color Trend, is a beautiful neutral.  It is more of flesh tone neutral than your average "tan".  This color would look beautiful on as clothing or in any space of your home.   ...more

Rustic Charm, Relaxed Lifestyle

While in High Point I got to enjoy some beautiful Fall-like weather, unfortunately it didn't come home with me back to Houston.  When we think of Fall and Winter, we tend to gravitate towards the rustic outdoors, and with most of the US experiencing such nice weather, I thought I'd share with you some beautiful rooms that have a rustic charm....more
I like rustic but it's more of a decor that I like to visit, rather than live in.more

It's All about the Details: Fireplace Screens

Since fireplaces are the focal point of a room, fire screens are another decorative detail to think about.  Do you place a fire screen in front of the fire box or leave it open.  And if you do use a fire screen, what materials or design do you select?  If you decide to forgo the fire screen, do you add another decorative element in front of the fire box?  These are all questions designers must think of when designing a space with a fireplace. Below are some examples of fireplaces with fire screens and andirons....more
I think all of these look beautiful. I really prefer to leave it open personally, but with 2 ...more

Outdoor Spaces

Now that Spring is here and the warm weather is enjoyable enough to be outside, I thought I'd share with you some beautiful outdoor spaces.  These spaces are inviting and perfect to enjoy in the early mornings and evenings. ...more

From Bloom to Room

People always ask a designer where they get their inspiration and my answer is always, I just look around me and 'see' inspiration. ...more

Black & Blue

Have you ever been told that black and blue didn't go together? The fashion world does not agree - look what has been seen on the runway during Fall Fashion Week 2012.  The color combination is classic and chic!  And home fashion usually follows the runway so watch for this combo in the future.  ...more

Cozy Weekend

Well, here in South Carolina, it's supposed to be a dreary weekend, raining all day today and tomorrow.  This kind of weather makes me not want to do anything except lay on the sofa, drink a cup of hot tea and read a book.  I know I should go to the gym and do a little cardio, and maybe just maybe I'll get my lazy butt off the sofa and go to the gym.  However, so far this Saturday has been absolutely beautiful!  I'm going on a nice walk with my dog and then on a good long run.   Gotta love the accurate weatherman! ...more