New Book By The Royal Academy's Owen Hopkins Helps Reader Identify Key Architectural Styles

Have you ever wondered what the difference is between Gothic and Gothic Revival, or how to distinguish between Baroque and Neoclassical?Owen Hopkins’ Architectural Styles: A Visual Guide (launched this month by Laurence King Publishing) will answer those questions for you and help you to identify key western architectural styles from many different periods of history....more

Foto Friday - Buildings and Architecture

Buildings and architecture can make for some very interesting photos, especially based on how the image is composed. In recent years, I’ve really grown to enjoy taking photos of architecture and old buildings. I like seeing them in new ways and enjoy trying to compose a shot that would be a bit different. Sometimes, I prefer even just playing with the lighting or depth of field to create an interesting image. Below are a few of my favorite buildings from my recent work.Enjoy!...more

Sky-High in London

Do you look upwards when you are a tourist? There are so many surprises on the top stories of buildings, and the rooftops!...more

Nice Structure :: Pacific Palisades Stunner

Not only is the location and view stunning, but the architecture is breathtaking. Located in dreamy Pacific Palisades this home is the perfect balance of organic, minimalist, mid-century modern and Italian. The architect Zoltan Pali of SPF:a  and interior designers from Chimera Interiors made a powerful team. The curved lines of the home paired with clean furnishings and bold art make for architecture and design heaven....more

Post Modernism

Blog DirectoryWhat I Learned About Post-Modernism-Modernism are the theories at the time that are derived from sometimes religious or philosophical backgrounds. -Post-modernism says that each idea decided by these modernists comes from their cultural backgrounds, or the time period that those people were in.-Post modernist refers to a part of a time period; post modernism refers to an era...more

NaBloPoMo ~ Mrs. Peacock, in the hall, with the candlestick

When was the first time that you realized that your home was not like other people’s homes?...more
It will be all yours and you will love every minute of it! If makes you feel any better - I ...more

Don't Mind Me, I'm Just Looking


Downsizing -- A Thousand Square Feet Per Person, A New American Standard

Let's face it, the Great Recession has not been a plus for the green movement overall. Most ordinary Americans are still sympathetic to the cause, but their willingness to spend even a penny extra for environmentally friendly products has been dampened by four dollar gas, five dollar cereal and loss of equity in their homes....more
I too was waiting for the punch line. 1000 square feet per person??? I'm a single parent. Even ...more

ARCH-itecturally Pleasing Elements [Architecture Week Post 1]

This week is Architecture Week - I'll have posts on arches, doors, windows, and more this week. I hope you join me, for what would interior design be without good architecture? ...more

Living with an Architect: A Users Guide

As many of you know, one of us (not me) is an architect, with a stamp and everything.  Having lived with said (excellent) architect for awhile, I've garnered some hard won wisdom. In an effort to help my readers, I offer the following suggestions for living with an architect:1. Traveling with an architect? Expect to visit architecture.  A lot....more