Dear Miss Minnie

Remember the part of my being an early bird?   Sat down last night after supper & shower to transcribe another letter (this one was written by Miss Effie) from the postmarked envelope of October 6.   I made it through two pages before my eyes started drooping.   The old onion skin paper is hard enough to focus on so I had to wave the white flag and go to bed. This morning, I arose full of energy and purpose.   Going downstairs, turned on the laptop and got the coffee going so that I could sit down and finish that l...more

Caretakers of the National Narrative – National Memory

In my last post I wanted to demonstrate that personal narratives can have an educational and even a healing effect; not just for the storyteller but the recipient of the story as well. That led to the next question. How does a country express the narratives of its people? Who gets to share that story and how is it held in trust for the future?  ...more