Help! Family Bickering is Going To Ruin My Vacation!

Dear Mouthy Housewives,I'm soon headed on a vacation with my husband, kids and all his family. We are going to a beautiful place, and I know I won't be able to enjoy it because his family bickers non-stop. It's exhausting. Everyone does it. His parents, his siblings and their spouses. I don't even want to go except the kids and their cousins all have a great time. Ideas on survival?Signed,Can't We All Just Get Along?...more

Ugly Arguments

Did my husband really call me ugly during a heated disagreement? I know everyone gets angry and sometimes people say mean things. But this low blow is sure to leave an emotional scar that may never heal completely. It's hard to imagine any other marriage suffers from ugly ups and downs before the right communication happens. But people tell me all the time to take off my rose colored glasses. No marriage is perfect. ...more
Carrie, I have been dealing with an issue of looking at other women with the guy I am seeing and ...more

Family Violence Q&A

Q: My spouse and I often have arguments over the “small stuff.” How do we get past this so that we are not constantly bickering? ...more

Make Ups (365 Days of Blessings – Day 121)

I am thankful for make upsNo, not for make-up, but make ups.  That time when the world is all on its proper axis again, and everyone is happy, and you can hear birds chirping, and a soft breeze blowing……….You get the drift…..Warmest regards,  ...more

How to Get Out of Jail Free

So here’s the super-duper Get Out of Jail Free Card my therapist friend Scarlet gave me after I’d moaned and groaned my way through dinner, telling her how I completely lost my mind the other day. It's a super-neat trick that's already saved my ass on more than one occasion, and I hope it saves yours, too. (Unfortunately for Scarlet, I happened to be wired on this particular evening. Below is a partial transcript, so you can listen in.) ...more

I Laughed Until I Cried (or That's Why So Many People Get Divorced During a Remodel)

A few days ago, Ken and I spent three hours trying to find a replacement countertop for the one that Home Depot messed up, and man alive, I'm not quite sure how I survived. I was ready to pass out after the first place, and by the time we hit the second store, I nearly laid down on the floor and went to sleep, never to awake again. We had to stop for an emergency coffee before we attempted the third store, and wow, am I glad I held in there because the third was by far and away the highlight of our morning. ...more
I always feel like I am stepping into an episode of "The Office" when I visit Home Depot. Cause ...more

Fight-Free February or Madness-Free March | How to positively handle conflict with your children

In successful relationships it’s not that there is no conflict but conflicts are well-handled.  When there is conflict the following approach will help stop it escalating and allow for disagreement without harming the relationship....more

Where did all the friendship go?

I’ve recently come upon more than a few articles about ending friendships. Female friendships that is, that relationship between women of whatever age that is ideally supposed to last a lifetime. I mean doesn’t every woman hope for a cozy foursome a la Carrie, Samantha, Charlotte and Miranda? Those who have such cliques are lucky and those that manage to keep them, luckier still. So if for so long we have been told about the joys, gratification and even the necessity of such friendships, why are we suddenly being told that sometimes its necessary to cut off what feels like your right arm?...more