What Is It About Fast Food That Makes People Want to Argue?

Sooooo…..I walk into the McDonalds and I see that there’s one long line when there should be 3. It’s New York Math. 3 cash registers=3 lines. In a city like mine, time is of the essence and the last thing any of us wants to do is waste our lunch hour waiting for lunch. I usually bring lunch to work but today I’m feeling kinda fancy so I head out to get a salad and some fresh air. But I digress. To my right, I notice a tall blond woman hanging out near the napkins and ketchup. I ask if she is on the line and if she realizes that there are two other cash registers available....more

Don't Go to Bed Angry, Just Go to Bed

When my best friend was married a few years ago, she passed around the most beautiful little book to her guests. I watched as it made its way around the room, stopping at every table. It was passed from person to person, bringing wistful smiles and more than a few shared glances. Each person that handled it slowly flipped through the pages, and then paused thoughtfully before choosing a new page and beginning to write.By the time the book made its way to me, I was overcome with curiosity. What little piece of magic was this, that everyone had something to write in it?...more


HOW TO AVOID AN ARGUMENT…. I happened to be reading the news recently and came across an article about two “celebrities” who got into a fight....more

Part 6, the Juicy stuff

Hey faithful readers! The contents of this post has been removed because of recently signing a contract with a publisher :) Thank you so much for the support everyone!!! Stay tuned for more details. <3-River Rei Hayden"The night is long that never finds the day." - Shakespeare...more

Should You Bring It Up? Follow This Flow Chart

As someone who prescribes to the speak-your-mind camp, I quickly ...more
I actually think this chart is a great idea.  It seems so simplistic.  Yet, it probably covers a ...more

Is Silence Better Than Communicating?

Ever have a fight with someone and you both do the "silent treatment"?  Is silence really better than communicating......more

Oh No You Didn't...

"Mumma!  Mumma!"  I crack open my eyes and attempt to focus (which is extremely difficult since I have 20/475 vision).  I cast my legs out from under the wonderful cocoon of warmth, trying to propel myself in the direction of the fire, catastrophe or impending disaster – whatever is going on in Emmeline’s room to make her scream in such a wretched way.  I stumble down the hallway (still legally blind, as in my dazed state I neglected to grab the spectacles), cursing silently as I...more