A Plate Spinner's Disaster Preparedness Plan

These days, a quick glance at the headlines can be enough to convince anybody that the end must surely be near, what with all of the earthquakes, mega storms, drought, global financial meltdowns, genocide, and perhaps most alarming - read on......more

Carmageddon LA 2011: Who Will Survive?

If you follow anyone who lives anywhere near Los Angeles in any fashion on this big bad internet (or, from what I understand about signs up North, anyone on the West Coast in general) then surely the phrase "Carmageddon" has not escaped your virtual ears. Maybe even your real ears, if you watch the news....more

I live in Yreka, about 800 miles north of LA on I-5. We had no idea what was going on in LA on ...more

Apocalypse Now?... What About Now?... How About Now?

The thought of a large asteroid plowing into Farmer John's cow patch (or whatever it is that's supposed to happen in the year 2012) and wiping out the earth's population doesn't bother me. Why? Because after I die, nothing matters any more. ...more


It's the end of the world. Attention! ...more