Must-Follow Monday: Military Blogs for Memorial Day

Monday, May 26 is Memorial Day in the United States—a day set aside to remember those who have lost their lives serving our country. In honor of military families and the men and women who serve in the Armed Forces, we've compiled a short list of some military family blogs you'll want to add to your blog reading list. ...more
Melissa,  thank you for including me in this fantastic list of writers!more

Journey to the Sandbox: My Soldier, Kevlar and Deployment

He left as a unit of one. No big send off, no banners, no parade. No family members to take pictures of us. No publicity. He just left. We cherished every sweet moment of privacy. Friends could not understand us turning into hermits. What were we thinking? Did we not want the big send off or news coverage? Certainly, those, now traditional, social events would make us feel better and would bring his leaving to reality. No amount of conversation helped them understand; we had everything we needed right there amongst the green and tan sea of items that had taken over our home. We had us. ...more
I stumbled upon your post and it seems to be the quiet blessing of peace I need. Your words ...more

On Veterans Day, Remembering One Woman's War

by Luis Carlos Montalvan...more

Veterans Day Poetry Friday

Military Families Blogging Deployment

My favorite thing about participating in the blogosphere is the opportunity it provides to walk a mile (or two, or twenty) in the shoes of people in very different life experiences from my own.  I have been learning much lately by reading some of the blogs by parents holding down the fort at home while their spouses are deployed overseas in the U.S. Armed Forces.  Many of these families are blogging their journey with great honesty and courage. ...more

My twin brother is full-time Army and his unit was deployed from Ft. Dix, last month.  ...more