A Collect Call? From Afghanistan???

As an Air Force brat, I learned one thing well. Make a soldier laugh. Bust on him. It breaks the tension, whether they'll admit there is any or not. Here's a piece I wrote after an encounter with one of America's finest:...more

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If I get a collect call I'll definitely blog ...more

Army General Wants to Court Martial Pregnant Soldiers

Be all you can be? Yeah, unless it’s pregnant! Maj. Gen. Anthony Cucolo has added pregnancy to the list of reasons why soldiers under his command in Northern Iraq could be court martialed and face jail time. ...more

Veterans Day Poetry Friday

Ten Push-ups for Command Sgt. Maj. Teresa L. King

September 22, the first day of autumn of 2009, saw another first: Command Sgt. Maj. Teresa L. King was appointed first female head of the Army drill sergeant school in Ft. Jackson, SC. Meloukhia at this ain't livin' wrote, "Congratulations are in order for Sergeant Major Teresa L. King... Seriously, people, go read about her, she’s amazing." Here's an excerpt of what the New York Times had to say: ...more

A Brat's Past and Present: Too Close to Home

It takes a lot to make me cry.  Not that I’m a “tough ol’ broad” or thick skinned.  I’m neither.   I am just rarely sad ...more

Marriage vs. Pornography vs illness that lead to depression and loads of stress

                                               This is the List of my Life!  Things to know about me. ...more

Army says TBI (traumatic brain injury) may be overdiagnosed

Oh boy. I'm not even sure if I should comment on this one. ...more

FINALLY, we can see photos of our young war dead returning home in their caskets

This is a sorrowful post to write, because of the depth of the loss of each life, both of our American soldiers and foreign civilian ‘collateral damage’ casualties.  But look at our war dead we must, in order to honor the young men and women who died representing us, believing that they were protecting us. ...more

Traumatic Brain Injuries in Soldiers Linked to Long-Term Health Problems

My husband was in Iraq for more than a year and is getting ready to deploy again. (He's National Guards.) Like many wives, I am concerned about PTSD and traumatic brain injury - both of which seem to be on the rise for returning soldiers.   ...more

Having lived with a brain injury for nearly 20 years, I can tell you that it is imperative for ...more