War and Fashion

“…the charming full skirts falling to just below the knee did suggest a decorous army wife in olden times…” I think the person at Style.com that commented on the Burberry Spring Summer 2012 doesn’t have a clue of an idea what it’s like to be an army wife. If someone you love is at the battlefield, you couldn’t possibly care about being ‘decorous’. ...more
And thanks for putting me on Blogher. I think I by now have had more people reading this ...more

Ten Push-ups for Command Sgt. Maj. Teresa L. King

September 22, the first day of autumn of 2009, saw another first: Command Sgt. Maj. Teresa L. King was appointed first female head of the Army drill sergeant school in Ft. Jackson, SC. Meloukhia at this ain't livin' wrote, "Congratulations are in order for Sergeant Major Teresa L. King... Seriously, people, go read about her, she’s amazing." Here's an excerpt of what the New York Times had to say: ...more

Army Wives...psshhht.

The shows are super cute, with the hugging and the crying and such. There’s always the token chick sleeping around on her husband while their kid is struggling to understand why Daddy is gone. There’s always the industrious overachiever, who is going through med school, law school, and learning the finer points of obscure Russian literature while nursing a newborn and making scratch chicken parmesan. ...more

Where the Award Winning Actresses Are

If you want to see talented actresses plying their craft these days basic cable might be a better bet than your local multiplex.  Shows starring strong leading female characters are setting the ratings on fire in the cable world.  In USA Today, Holly Hunter comments: "The whole cable industry has been validated by that show's success," says Hunter, whose Grace, premiering July 23, will follow The Closer. "That it's a female lead has been great, not just for women but for everybody, because people understand that people want to watch women in the lead (roles)." ...more