The Recruiterman Cometh

As my classmates and I - the Nursing class of '08 - approach graduation (30 more days!), we are finding out that we are a hot commodity.  It seems that everybody wants a new RN - even, or perhaps especially - the US Army. ...more

Letters from soldier in WWI draw readers to episodes posted on blog

Bill Lamin found letters written by his grandfather Harry Lamin during World War I. Bill created a blog, WW1: Experiences of an English Soldier, posting each letter on the day it was written almost a century ago. The result has amazed him. He’s received so many letters and email messages he had to create another blog just for those. He doesn’t mind the hard work though, noting in a message to readers at the letters blog, “Finally, I do really welcome comments and emails. They have made all the hard work well worthwhile.” ...more

The Reasons You Don't Want me to Serve my Country

I actually got a flyer in the mail today trying to recruit me to join the Canadian Armed Forces. It doesn't bode well for our country's national security that they are resorting to mass-mailing... particularly when people like me are the recipients. This got me to think to the many reasons why the Canadian Forces, no matter what the pretty pamphlet said, really does not want me. 1) I'm small. ...more