I Did Not Know

It's a catchphrase with which the military spouse is all too familiar: You knew what you were signing up for when you married him. ...more

For the MilSpouse: Making Your House Feel Like A Home

The military lifestyle can certainly be chaotic. With PCS’s often happening every couple years, and sometimes sooner, the idea of putting time and energy into personalizing your home can be overwhelming. What’s the point when the next set of orders is always around the corner, right?...more

Don't Just Survive Deployments, Embrace Them

As military spouses, it's something we all face sooner or later - as inevitable as the constant moves and unpredictable hours. Its presence is always on the horizon, shadowing every decision, every moment in between. It's the inescapable reality of this life: deployment....more

Miltary Families and Welfare

I recently watched a news program discussing todays military family. With all the military cuts going on and the winding down of the current war, the statistics are showing that 25% of our active duty families and 20% of our retired military families are struggling to make ends meet. Most young families who both work are still needing help to feed the family. Most are using food banks and some type of welfare. Why is that? I tell you in my opinion it is due to all the cut backs and non understanding by our politicans....more