Another Woman Was Beaten In Atlanta And THIS Is How I Feel About It

Enough is enough; I think it's time we change the game and show these boys we mean business!

5 Invaluable Shopping Tips for the Farmers' Market

Are you visiting your local farmers' market yet? For those of us in the South, we are fortunate to have long growing seasons and an abundance of crops in full swing by the time June rolls around. You can find farmers' markets near you by checking out Local Harvest and entering your location. ...more
Oh, Brande, I love a market like that!! Sounds divine!more

Hammerin' Hank

On summer nights when I was a kid, my Pop sat in his recliner on the back porch and listened to the Braves game.  In the early years of my life, he’d have the TV set to the game with the sound turned down and a radio playing Skip Caray’s commentary.  Once TBS came along, he didn’t have to bother with the radio.  The voice of Skip Caray will always equal baseball for me....more

If You Walk Out of Your Panties...

I'd like to share a nugget of advice that my Grandmama Irene told me 30 years ago that I have never forgotten:"If you ever walk out of your panties, just keep walking." "Come again?" you might ask, as you clutch your pearls and lean in across your chicken salad plate.  Honey, you heard me.  I don't stutter and your ears don't flap.  If you ever walk out of your panties, just keep walking....more

Hooka'd On A Feeling

I’m a firm believer in work hard, play hard(er) and this weekend I did just that. As promised in ‘Say Yes‘ I attended a housewarming party for one of my girlfriends. There, I got the opportunity to catch up with her and a few others who I saw at the event. I even found out that a friend of mine is one of the managers at Frank Ski’s Restaurant. I’ve heard nothing but good things about the place and I can’t wait to check it out....more