Did You Ever Have A Day That Changed Your Life Forever?

When you get up in the morning, do you ever expect that particular day to change your life forever? Not normally.  Is there any way to prepare for a day like that?  I doubt it.  Do we ever get a reset button to start the day over? Unfortunately, no!I had one of those days and one was definitely ENOUGH!...more

Izzy gets arrested aged 6

There is one trick that I have learned whilst dragging bringing up Izzy, and that is, if you keep an kid entertained, your house doesn't get trashed. Yep, it is that simple. Find 'em something to do and you spare yourself the trauma of seeing 'I luv High skook musikal' daubed over your living room walls with an indelible marker. In this vein, last weekend I decided to take Izzy and her chum (whom I shall call Chumski) on a day out. Actually, Chumski's father, Tim, also decided to come because he was at a loose end. ...more