5 TV Shows That Will Never Be Resuscitated

I should be so lucky that it was Arrested Development that was recently resurrected, and not My So-Called Life. Maybe it’s just me, but as much as I adored MSCL, I don’t think Angela Chase could really exist in the 21st century, and I’d just about die if network execs brought her back and made her a Belieber. I’ll take an oddly independent collegiate George Michael Bluth over that, thank you very much. Instead, let’s talk about some shows that we’ll never see brought back from the dead and thank our lucky stars that they are over and done with....more
This made me laugh so hard! Thanks for this blog post I love it! I cannot stand Amanda Bynes as ...more

Welcome Back, Arrested Development!

Each night, after washing my face, brushing my teeth, perusing Twitter/Facebook/Tumblr/Every Other Yahoo! Property, and a small glass of bourbon, I watch Arrested Development. Every. Single. Night. ...more

The Best and Worst TV and Movie Moms (According To Me)

While it's certainly true that I may never be the best mom in the world (despite what a certain coffee mug I've been given might lead you believe), I'm fairly confident that I'm far from the worst. And why am I so confident, you ask? Well, because TV and movies told me so, of course! ...more

rad list. marge simpson all the way. ...more