Stressed and Busy: Is It Your Badge of Importance?

Do you wear your stress as a badge of honor? Prefacing everything with "I know you're busy...but...?" What about random judgments about how much or little other people must be stressed? Guilty of jumping to conclusions? This article takes a thoughtful look at being busy and being stressed. ...more


     My least favorite people in the world are arrogant.  I hate the way they treat everyone around them as if they are inferior.  My favorite people are the ones who are amazing and so secure in themselves they don't need to share that fact with us.  We can tell just by being around them for a few minutes.  If you are as amazing as you think you are, people will know it instantly by watching what you do.  If you aren't, no amount of your telling us otherwise will ever be enough to fool anyone....more

On the Side of God

I had the unfortunate displeasure of witnessing, or rather being plowed into by, a conversation that rattled me to the bones. The set up. Parallax. Had a long day. Went for sushi to unwind and avoid cooking at home. We sat down in a booth on the bar side of the restaurant. A gawfaw with more power than Santa's ho ho ho's, with more testosterone that the incredible hulk, and with more stupidity than...well I'll go with a movie here....Super Bad. ...more