Yes, There is Arsenic in Rice (But Don't Be Scared)

I wrote a post about why people should eat more rice, and a few commenters raised the ol' arsenic concern. Listen, it's a valid concern. Who wants to knowingly and willing consume carcinogens? If you aren't aware of the arsenic and rice issue, let me get you up to speed. (Well, really, just read this.) Essentially, low-levels of arsenic have been found in all crops of rice -- brown, white, wild, regardless of the country they are grown, regardless of the farming methods (ie. doesn't matter if it's organic or not). ...more
I didn't realize that rice had arsenic!  I knew tap water (usually?  always?) has some.  You ...more

How You Can Avoid Eating Arsenic When You Cook Rice

Alarming levels of arsenic, a toxin that can cause bladder, lung and skin cancer, are showing up in rice. Why? It has to do with the way we grow food. Soil naturally contains some arsenic. But many of the pesticides and herbicides used on conventional farms add much more arsenic to the ground....more

How Safe is that Arsenic in Your Apple Juice?

The controversy over the safety of arsenic levels in apple juice is heating up after Dr. Oz did some independent testing that questions the safety of those innocent looking juice boxes packed in so many kid lunches. Turns out the inorganic arsenic found in pesticide now banned in the U.S. is still common in apples grown in other countries and these tainted apples can end up in our juice....more
Anyway, the point I'm making is, if so many kids' toys that come from China have lead and ...more