Creating & Procreating: Are You Giving Birth To Babies, Brainstorms, Books Or Businesses?

 I’ve been thinking about having another baby for four years now. Because I was the ripe old age of 36 when my daughter Siena was born, we started talking about it right away. In fact, my husband and I were so certain we were meant to have at least one more baby that I took my IUD out when Siena was eight months old and we were all ready to go at it again....more

The Creative Process

After Dinner Nap - Painting by Bernadette Kazmarski ...more

Art, beauty, inspiration, life

  I spent four months in Italy during my third semester of college, studying painting, printmaking, sculpture and baroque art history. It was was an eye opening and mind expanding experience to say the least. I grew up mostly in Arizona, where the attention to detail in architecture and quality of life, seems quick and sloppy. The time I spent in Italy was profoundly heartwarming and the people I encountered there taught me that details are the essence of a meaningful life....more

Artists Helping Haiti

News of the 7.0 earthquake that hit Haiti yesterday is barely 24 hours old, and already I have to turn away from reports -- they're too difficult to read, and hear, and watch.  As a native of another Caribbean island, Trinidad, this news feels very close to home. In the same way that someone from Texas might deeply feel the misfortune befalling citizens of the neighbouring state of Louisiana (Katrina, anyone?), those of us from the Caribbean are deeply moved by any catastrophe that a neighbouring island suffers.  I feel helpless. As an artist, I wonder how I can help. ...more

I understand how you must be feeling. You don't have to come from Haiti or another Caribbean ...more

West African Home Decoration

“I Paint My House” by Margaret Courtney-Clarke is a collection of photographs of African women decorating their homes. In addition to pottery and textiles, there is a South and West African tradition of painting the outside of the house with bold shapes and bright colors. The women express themselves and can document family history through their art and design....more

Why Lady Gaga's Music Is Feminist - Part 1

Lady Gaga - The Fame (2008) on (Streamline/Konlive/Cherrytree/Interscope) Part 1: Oh snap. Yes, I just said it. Lady Gaga's music is feminist. Why do I say such things? Because I can back it up. And because I love her music, videos, and persona. She is the reason I have actually started to listen to pop music again. So, let me tell you about feminist music.... ...more

We invite you to consider that this New Feminism would be supported by some interesting new ...more


  I always have a hard time with this description and am not crazy about blatant self promotion.I am a painter and have been one all my life which is to say from the positive point of view that I never had to run around looking for what it all means...on the other hand being completely creative has enormous drawbacks.  I am very content to paint.  Not a social person at all. The job market is such that basic  business knowledge is essencial and some of life's basics are missing from my profile....more