Wordless Wednesday - Metal Comes Alive Part Two The Wolf

Wordless Wednesday a series of three photographsPart Two of the Metal Comes Alive series~ The Wolf ~...more

Histoires de Parfums This is Not a Blue Bottle (2016) {New Perfume}

  This Is Not A Blue Bottle By Histoires De ParfumsFrench art-focused perfume label Histoires de Parfums have issued a new unisex fragrance called This is Not a Blue Bottle / Ceci n'est pas un flacon bleu, which plays with the Surrealist game on the distance existing between an object and its representation. Sephora in the US have decided it was mor convenient to rename it as « Not a Blue Bottle »......more

Why we must share our art with the world?

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Does art need a context?

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When you surf the web looking for inspiration and future projects you could potentially replicate?I find that I mostly pin pin pin, yet I hardly go back and try to recreate the pieces that inspire me online.I have been doing this since I joined Pinterest back in 2010, but it evolved in 2012 when Arts & Classy was born. I began researching inspiration for projects once I had acquired a piece of furniture or if an idea had come to me....more

What is art for?

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The action packed first few weeks of a New Year

 My family and I went to New Orleans for a family vacation Jan 2-9. It was fun. Not a place on my "go back to" list, but a great family adventure which was the whole point. ...more

Art Basel Miami with Vanity Fair Social Club

 Art Basel in Miami Beach, Florida was December 1st - 6th this year and I was happy to be invited to attend with the Vanity Fair Social Club through SheKnows Media.  Art Basel is a huge art show that occurs annually in Miami Beach, Hong Kong and Basel where it originated in 1970.  I was able to bring my family with me; we left on Friday and stayed until Sunday.  I attended the event with Vanity Fair Social Club on Saturday at the Wolfsonian Museum and then a...more

Basic skill set for musicians to thrive

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