The Pros and Cons of Getting a Tattoo Abroad

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Ars Longa, Vita Brevis

“Art is long, life is short.” Words that resonate down the millennia. And life was indeed short back then, but how many incredible works of art survive! A trip to the museum is cause to marvel at the talent of our forebears, dating so far back. Carved in stone, drawn on cave walls. Every artist, from tragic Vincent Van Gogh’s disturbing landscapes to the soaring joy of Calder’s mobiles, made his or her mark, and their masterful creations live on....more

Selling Your Art and Make Money From Painting

Are you an individual with real artistic talents who intends to earn instantly from selling your art products?It is quite evident that most artists never make the most out of their creative talents to make significant sums of money. If you don’t want to follow similar scenario, then definitely you must peruse through this particular article, as it discusses in fine details, the ten best-recommended methods, currently used by the most successful professional artists around the globe....more

5 Artful Ways to Celebrate Fall

This is what I know: Seasons come and seasons go.The past few days there's been change in the air. Literally. Cool winds are here. I'm under no illusions, though. Where I live, near Washington DC, September can be the hottest month. Still, as a soft wind blew the treetops today, I saw some leaves floating down....more

Art music & Entertaining music

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Why make art out of pain

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Wordless Wednesday - Metal Comes Alive Part Two The Wolf

Wordless Wednesday a series of three photographsPart Two of the Metal Comes Alive series~ The Wolf ~...more

Histoires de Parfums This is Not a Blue Bottle (2016) {New Perfume}

  This Is Not A Blue Bottle By Histoires De ParfumsFrench art-focused perfume label Histoires de Parfums have issued a new unisex fragrance called This is Not a Blue Bottle / Ceci n'est pas un flacon bleu, which plays with the Surrealist game on the distance existing between an object and its representation. Sephora in the US have decided it was mor convenient to rename it as « Not a Blue Bottle »......more

Why we must share our art with the world?

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Does art need a context?

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